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Lon Simmons calling a division-clincher in 1971

This is fantastic.

Juan Marichal in the '68 All-Star Game

Watch him make Rod Carew look like Kensuke Tanaka.

The Joe Morgan game

Here it is, the full game in its entirety. So neat.

The '73 Giants, in all their glory

Very Important Theatre XIX: Shhhhhhhhhhh

It's a secret to everybody.

Say, let's remember the 2003 NLDS

Light on the preview, heavy on the sadness.

Very Important Theatre XVIII: A 10-year-old Panda

Very Important Theatre XVII: Arroyo and Jones

The Giants' first two picks in the 2013 draft, presented for your amateur scrutiny

Very Important Theatre: Brenly's four-error game

It's a video. Watch the video.

Tim Lincecum: The montage

Brian Sabean talks trade on CSN Bay Area

Kyle Crick strikes out the California League

Very Important Theatre, Vol. XII

In which we give thanks and appreciation for one of the best parts of being a Giants fan.

Ruben Rivera's 10th anniversary

Give or take a couple days ...

Your move, atheists

Very Important Theatre, Vol. XI

Seals Stadium and a discovery

Very Important Theatre, Vol. VIII

Very Important Theatre, Vol. VII

Very Important Theatre, Vol. VI

In which we announce the eventual return of Starter jackets to the world of High Fashion.

Very Important Theatre, Vol. V

It took only a couple decades, and now one of the most important moments of my childhood is available for the rest of the Internet.

Very Important Theatre, Vol. III

Very Important Theatre, Vol. I

Important Buster Posey GIFs and videos

Note: They are not important.

The best Giants defensive plays of 2012

Morning video: the trickery of Brandon Crawford

At this point, I'm probably just trolling some of you with my newfound Crawford love, but look at these trick plays! They're tricky!

Morning debate: Omar & Brandon & Royce & Jose

And Neifi. I guess.

On the subject of signing Shane Victorino

Is Matt Cain really good enough to destroy pizzas?


John Bowker helps the Giants win the Series

The other ones.

Hunter Pence on Conan

Also, Sergio Romo and Barry Zito on Jay Leno.

What Was and What Should Never Be, Part I

In which we stare a little too long into the abyss made of parallel universes.