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Very Important Theatre, Vol. IV

I found this when jp_on_rye retweeted it, and ... well, maybe this was a bad idea. You're probably not going to like it.


Maybe it's worth a try. I mean, it's kind of relevant to the Giants. Specifically, Buster Posey.

I'm worried you're not going to appreciate it, though.

Is this relevant to your interests? It's so hard to tell these days what the kids are into. Maybe a well-edited, eight-minute clip of the best Buster Posey highlights isn't "cool" these days. Maybe it's passé.


Oh, fine, I'll share it. Maybe you'll like it. CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. So let's throw caution to the wind, and assume that you'll like a chronological history of the good things Buster Posey has done.

(I've watched this 16 times. Goin' back in. Get it before MLB does.)