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Very Important Theatre, Vol. II

This one really was important! To me. So thanks for the closure,

Eyes of the Hunter

Reminder: This happened

It gets weirder in retrospect.

Madison Bumgarner's 9 Ks, reenacted for charity

The Batting Stance Guy is mimicking Padres hitters looking silly, and we should support this. For charity.

Watch an hour-long special on Willie Mays from '67

If you were in the mood to watch Willie Mays against Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, this is for you.

Flying Squirrels give away 'Panik buttons'

They talk!

Featured Fanshot

Remembering Matt Cain on David Letterman

As the only site without something on David Letterman's final show, I started to feel awkward and out of touch. This should fix things.

Here's Matt Cain grabbing Michael Morse's butt

Can't tell, but this one looked like a four-seamer to me.

Willie Mays on What's my Line?

Go watch this because it's neat

Video: Brandon Belt hit a long, long home run

It's spring, but dingers are nice in any season.

Video of Tim Lincecum pitching well

Video of him pitching poorly from the same game exists. It was not included.

George Kontos scored a goal for the Blackhawks

Maybe not *for* the Blackhawks, but close enough

The last out of the World Series at Finnerty's

Bonus coverage of the NO GREGOR NO JUAN NO NO NO that preceded it.

Featured Fanshot

People going nuts at Finnerty's after Brandon Crawford's grand slam

This gives me chills. Well, I have a 101º temperature -- playoff fever! -- so everything gives me chills right now. This gives me extra chills, then.

Watch Angel Pagan hit doubles in his rehab stint

Angel's back. Was bad. Now Angel's back. Playing baseball.

Get to know Giants prospect Christian Arroyo

The 19-year-old shortstop talks about his hometown, music, and sunflower seeds.

Tyler Beede, Giants first-round pick, likes to rap

He goes by Young Beedah. He likes Boston things.

Video: Emmanuel Burriss's only home run

Ben Revere hit a home run, so why not?

Whitey Herzog is angry


Video: Kendry Flores beats L.A.

22-year-old outduels rehabbing Josh Beckett.

Video: Dontrelle Willis in a Giants uniform

"D-Train" proves effective (and even hustles!) in one inning of work.

Barry Bonds, special instructor

For the last several years, folks have been clamoring for Barry Bonds to come back as a hitting instructor. According to Alex Pavlovic, that's exactly what's going to happen, albeit in a limited fashion.

Video: Pablo doing Pablo things

Here's svelte Pablo taking batting practice and fielding grounders. Rejoice!

Barry Bonds highlights for no good reason

Not that you needed a reason.

Barry Zito sings on the guy from Train's podcast

Sorry. Kind of.

Barry Bonds vs. Russ Ortiz and #695

Barry Bonds destroys a baseball in lo-def. Come join us?

Very Important Theatre, XXVI: on The Stick

Video: Will Clark in Game 1 of the '89 NLCS

Let's celebrate the destruction of Mat Latos

I need to get a thread up, so let's watch the Buster Posey grand slam. As if you needed a reason.

Condensed World Series games from 2010? Okay ...

I can handle that.

Hunter Pence wants to mold your children

Very Important Theatre, Vol. XXI: THE FUTURE


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