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Very Important Theatre

Very Important Theatre XLVIII: This 1985 report on the state of Candlestick Park

It would appear that in the history of Major League Baseball, having a sarcastic sense of humor about your flaws is a precursor to gut-wrenching decision-making.

Dwight Gooden vs. the 1985 Giants

The 1985 Giants had the worst record in franchise history, and they went up against one of baseball's all-time greatest phenoms. You can guess what happened.

Watch an hour-long special on Willie Mays from '67

If you were in the mood to watch Willie Mays against Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, this is for you.

Brandon Belt's home run, explained with lasers

How fast did it leave the ballpark, how far did it go, and how many times can you watch it?

The Crazy Crab documentary is online, beautiful

One of the weirdest eras of Giants baseball finally gets the nostalgic treatment it deserves.

Lon Simmons calling a division-clincher in 1971

This is fantastic.

Video: Brandon Belt hit a long, long home run

It's spring, but dingers are nice in any season.

Video of Tim Lincecum pitching well

Video of him pitching poorly from the same game exists. It was not included.

Opening Day, 1993

It's the 1993 home opener, and you know what that means: Barry Bonds hugging Michael Bolton!

Joe Panik: An Interview

Does he say something CONTROVERSIAL? No, of course not. That's not how he rolls.

Watch Barry Bonds get pine-tarred in college

We're storming the administration building at noon, man.

Another collection of important videos

From the professional to the amateur, you should probably watch all of these videos related to the Giants winning the pennant.

Featured Fanshot

People going nuts at Finnerty's after Brandon Crawford's grand slam

This gives me chills. Well, I have a 101º temperature -- playoff fever! -- so everything gives me chills right now. This gives me extra chills, then.

Watch Angel Pagan hit doubles in his rehab stint

Angel's back. Was bad. Now Angel's back. Playing baseball.

Video: Emmanuel Burriss's only home run

Ben Revere hit a home run, so why not?

Whitey Herzog is angry


Juan Marichal in the '68 All-Star Game

Watch him make Rod Carew look like Kensuke Tanaka.

Video: Dontrelle Willis in a Giants uniform

"D-Train" proves effective (and even hustles!) in one inning of work.

Barry Bonds highlights for no good reason

Not that you needed a reason.

Barry Bonds vs. Russ Ortiz and #695

Barry Bonds destroys a baseball in lo-def. Come join us?

The Joe Morgan game

Here it is, the full game in its entirety. So neat.

The '73 Giants, in all their glory

Very Important Theatre, XXVI: on The Stick

Video: Will Clark in Game 1 of the '89 NLCS

Let's celebrate the destruction of Mat Latos

I need to get a thread up, so let's watch the Buster Posey grand slam. As if you needed a reason.

Condensed World Series games from 2010? Okay ...

I can handle that.

Hunter Pence wants to mold your children

Very Important Theatre, Vol. XXI: THE FUTURE

The inspirational Vida Blue

People liked to write songs about him, apparently.

Very Important Theatre XIX: Shhhhhhhhhhh

It's a secret to everybody.

Say, let's remember the 2003 NLDS

Light on the preview, heavy on the sadness.

Very Important Theatre XVIII: A 10-year-old Panda


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