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Series Previews

These are series previews. They preview the series.

Giants-Dodgers Series Preview: ... Love.

The Giants will try not to embarrass themselves any further as they say goodbye to this terrible season.

Giants-Padres Series Preview: Laugh...

Giants-Dodgers Series Preview: Live...

If there’s only one outcome left, might as well enjoy the time you have.

Giants-Diamondbacks Series Preview: No, seriously, this is it

The Giants’ process runs up against the calendar as they face off against a team that has always been better.

Coors Field is designed to break your heart

It’s another make or beak moment for the 2023 Giants.

Giants-Guardians Series Preview: Counterpoint

Much like the Rockies, the Giants are a lot closer to their latest opponent than where they’d planned to be at this point in the season.

Giants-Rockies Series Preview: Six of one, half a dozen of the other

The Rockies have the chance to do the funniest thing possible.

The Wild Card round begins today

The Giants’ biggest competition is probably still themselves, but the Cubs are a very close second.

In the name of the Padre!

No, seriously, what happened?

The Reds have had a rough month, too

Misery loves company, right?

Do the Giants have a surprise in store?

A tough road trip showed that while their talent level is mid, their will is mighty.

Series preview: Kyle Harrison will join the Giants to face the team they’re chasing

The team has given you a reason to watch them go up against yet another superior force.

Giants-Braves Series Preview: All fans, brace for impact!

The Giants will face the best team in the National League this weekend. Here’s why it’s okay to just embrace it.

Baseball for Sad Boys

The Tampa Bay Rays have succeeded by transforming Baseball from a game to a chore.

Return of the King

The Giants get to face off against the dude who guided them to something most of us thought we’d never see.

A fan’s guide to watching Shohei Ohtani demolish the Giants for the next three days

He’s so cool.

The A’s are A’sing

Can the Giants keep it rolling against a team built to get rolled?

It’s been a tough month for the Dbacks

The Giants’ lineup woes will at least have a chance against an Arizona pitching staff that’s been simply dreadful.

Masataka Yoshida has the Red Sox back on track

The Giants host the Red Sox for the first time since 2016.

Root for the A’s

If there’s nothing else you can do but the very least, then do that.

The Giants have a hitting problem — can the Nationals provide the solution?

Over the past 30 days, their team OPS has dropped by over 100 points.

The Reds are good in spite of ::checks notes:: the Reds

It’s not easy to draft, trade for, and develop exciting raw talent, but that’s just what Cincinnati has done despite having one of the worst ownerships in professional sports.

Time to sink the Pirates ship

The Giants are better than the Pirates! That means the Giants will lose the series, right?

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you the Colorado Rockies are due

The Giants are facing a bad team at a weird point. They really need these wins.

The Mariners will probably just outpitch the Giants, but watch out for their power

The San Francisco Giants have a tough challenge in the first three games of their six-game homestand.

Metropolitan Steve and the Dial of Misery

The 2023 Mets have really dialed up the disappointment. Can the San Francisco Giants take advantage?

Our big beautiful boy

The Giants head to Toronto to take on the Blue Jays, but also, and mainly, face Brandon Belt.

The Dbacks have it all!

The Giants have one thing in this matchup that they didn’t have last month. Will that be the equalizer or will Arizona’s top to bottom talent prove to be superior again?

The Giants might’ve met their match in the Padres

That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

Max Muncy epitomizes the state of the Dodgers: ugly, bad at most things, but still succeeding

With Justin Turner gone, it’s okay to concentrate all firepower on the James Corden lookalike disgracing the third base position with his """"defense"""".

Again with the Goldschmidt

He’s still playing? He’s still good? How? WHY?!

The Cubs have slowed after a fast start

They’re about where the Giants are on the rebuild timeline, but they don’t seem to be headed in the same direction.


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