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Series Previews

These are series previews. They preview the series.

Rematch with the Dodgers

Oh sure, there’s a lot more going on this weekend than a few measly baseball games. But on the other hand . . . REVENGE.

The Rockies haven’t won a road series in three months

But the last time they did it was — surprise! — in San Francisco.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is finally old enough to drink

The Braves’ young star is about to do some damage to Atlanta’s clubhouse when they clinch against the Giants.

Nobody knows the Red Sox quite like the Giants do

The Giants and Red Sox are more alike than unalike, even if their former alliance was a total failure.

Series Preview: Oh no, not the Marlins, anyone but the Marlins

They’re as bad as they’ve ever been, which means these games will be as painful for the Giants as they always are.

Series Preview: The Pirates have two of the top 30 hitters in baseball

Series Preview: lolololololololololol

The Dodgers are going to destroy the Giants.

Series Preview: Yadier Molina is back and so are the Cardinals

They’ve also played four games in the past two days.

Series Preview: Andy Green has averaged just one winning month per season

After starting the season 17-13, the Padres are just 44-58.

Series Preview: The Diamondbacks are playing for pride...

... and the Giants need to watch out.

Series Preview: The A’s are at it again

They swept the Yankees, who swept the Giants, who were just swept by the Cubs.

Series Preview: Can Bruce Bochy’s twilight eclipse Joe Maddon’s?

The Giants aren’t as talented as the Cubs, but they have much more gravitas.

Series Preview: The Diamondbacks have secretly been good for most of the season

This series probably decides the season for both teams. Unless it doesn’t.

Series Preview: Have the A’s taken care of the Bay Bridge Trophy?

Or did they anticipate holding onto it for another year and stick it in a utility closet?

Series Preview: The Phillies are still figuring out who they are...

For the Giants’ sake, can they wait a week to come up with their answer?

Series Preview: The Nats have lost 7 of 10

What this series preview presupposes is... maybe that’s good for the Giants.

Series Preview: The Rockies went 6-19 in July

It was really bad for them, but at least they get to face the Giants now.

Series Preview: The Phillies are all over the place

And, did the Giants luck out by not landing Bryce Harper? Did Bryce Harper miss out by not choosing the Giants?

Series Preview: The Mets haven’t lost a series in San Francisco since 2014

Series Preview: Coors Field wants nothing but the worst for you

The Giants have won just three games in Colorado over the past three years, and it’s even worse than you think.

Series Preview: The Brewers are doing it with pitching and pluck

That’s more than enough to hang around in the NL Central race.

Series Preview: Paul Goldschmidt needs the Giants

He’s been a league average hitter this year and it’s clear he’s banking on Giants pitching to turn that around.

Series Preview: Again with the Dbacks

They’re coming off a series win against the Dodgers. Meanwhile, Sunday could be Bumgarner’s final game as a Giant.

Giants-Diamondbacks Series Preview: The Ballad of Tim Locastro

Some men hit the ball, most balls hit this man.

Series Preview: This one neat trick has cemented the Dodgers’ supremacy

Sure, the Dodgers are good, but do you know why? The answer is pretty simple, but it’s not one the Giants can duplicate.

Series Preview: Milwaukee has had its share of visitors, but Christian Yelich is here to stay

The dynamic 27-year old’s power-speed combo makes him a top three player in baseball.

Series Preview: San Diego’s offense is no better than it was a year ago

... but they’re .500 because of the pitching.

Series Preview: The Giants, like the Vox Media Union, are just looking for a fair contract

Cody Bellinger is not a CEO, but he’s making it very difficult for teams like the Giants to live.

Series Preview: Don’t worry, they’re still the Mets

It’s tough to say they’re cursed, but they’re their own brand of weird.

Series Preview: In theory, the Orioles are worse than the Giants

In theory.

Series Preview: The Marlins have finally met their match in the Giants

Like the Giants, the Marlins are trying to will a talentless lineup to compete.

Series Preview: The Diamondbacks are on a five-game losing streak

After the Giants took two out of three, the Diamondbacks were swept by the Padres.


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