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Scores & Standings

The latest scores and standings for the Giants.

Giants lose to Rockies. Again. This is fun.

What an exciting day full of 18 innings of interesting baseball. Is what I would say if that is what happened.

9/16 Gamethread 2: Giants @ Rockies

Scott Alexander vs. Kyle Freeland

Giants fall to Rockies, 9-5

With a score like that, and a venue like Coors Field, you’d think it was all the long ball. Shockingly, not so much.

9/16 Gamethread 1: Giants @ Rockies

Keaton Winn vs. Brent Suter

Cold as the Rockies

An rare pitcher’s duel at Coors Field still brought familiar heartbreak

9/15 Gamethread: Giants @ Rockies

Logan Webb vs. Chase Anderson

Thursday BP: Wild Card update

A look at where the Giants stand.

A New Hope?

J.D. Davis’s game-changing home run feels like a potential spark for a playoff push...or will it fade by morning?

9/13 Gamethread: Giants vs. Guardians

Kyle Harrison vs. Logan Allen.

Opportunities squandered

The Giants lost 3-1 to the Guardians, but not for lack of opportunities.

9/12 Gamethread: Giants vs. Guardians

Sean Manaea vs. Cal Quantrill.

Giants win, just don’t ask how

OK fine, I’ll tell you.

9/11 Gamethread: Giants vs. Guardians

Alex Cobb vs. Gavin Williams.

9/10 Gamethread: Giants vs. Rockies

Keaton Winn vs. Peter Lambert

Giants use the force to defeat Rockies 9-1

The offense was strong with this one.

9/9 Gamethread: Giants vs. Rockies

Logan Webb vs. Chase Anderson

Point Counter Point

They finally won one, but whether it changes anything is up for debate

9/8 Gamethread: Giants vs. Rockies

Kyle Harrison vs. Ty Blach

Thursday BP: Giants schedule down the stretch not going to be easy

Aside from two series against the Rockies, the Giants’ last month of play is going to be a bit difficult if they’re still hoping to compete for a wild card spot.

One (inning) and done

The Giants lost to the Cubs in the first inning, then played eight more.

9/6 Gamethread: Giants @ Cubs

Alex Wood vs. Jordan Wicks

Giants bats come alive at the expense of everything else

And so they lost. Again.

9/5 Gamethread: Giants @ Cubs

Ryan Walker vs. Kyle Hendricks.

Nothing to see here

Logan Webb pitched into the 7th but the Giants didn’t score any runs and they’ve lost four straight and things are not looking good

9/4 Gamethread: Giants @ Cubs

Logan Webb vs. Justin Steele.

A ricochet off the railing

The losses are piling up, and yet, San Francisco’s playoff chances still remain

9/3 Gamethread: Giants @ Padres

Alex Cobb vs. Seth Lugo

Giants band together to score run, lose to Padres 6-1

The snarky headlines will continue until morale improves.

9/2 Gamethread: Giants @ Padres

Kyle Harrison vs. Blake Snell

Padres feast as Beck serves

Tristan Beck didn’t have it. Giants lose 7-3.

9/1 Gamethread: Giants @ Padres

Tristan Beck vs. Michael Wacha

The Padres were Padresian so the Giants could be Giant

The Giants took the gift basket and ran to a 7-2 win.