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Orange & Past

The secret history of the Giants.

The odds of Brandon Hicks keeping it up, revisited

An oral history of the most-read article in the history of McCovey Chronicles.

The last game of the 1978 season was 1 hour, 41 minutes long because of love

It’s not always about the players just wanting to get out of there — sometimes they want other people to get out even faster.

That time the Giants almost signed Dianne Feinstein to a 1-day contract

The latest in our "Orange & Past" series takes a look at a rare political move the Giants nearly made back in 1984.

35 years ago, the Giants scrapped a controversial coloring book giveaway

The latest edition of our "Orange & Past" series reveals that the Giants of the 1980s didn’t quite embrace the weirdness of their city like the 21st century team does.

The 1998 Giants fined Orel Hershiser over $8 million in kangaroo court

With so many stories to recall in its storied franchise, our new "Orange & Past" feature series will spotlight some of those that had been lost to time...