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San Francisco Giants trade rumors

Weekend BP: Giants one of seven teams vying for Juan Soto trade

It’s "photoshop Juan Soto into your favorite team’s jersey" season.

Drew Pomeranz has been drawing trade interest

The biggest surprise of the Giants’ deadline has been the sudden interest in a former starter.

The final and absolute trade chips ranking for 2019

Smith! Bumgarner! Everybody else!

The two Bumgarner trade rumors

The Twins are said to be in, the Yankees have made a move to suggest they could be in — which is right? Does it matter?

Imagining just how little the Giants will get in return for Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is the Giants’ ace, but baseball trades don’t work the way they used to.

Taking stock of the Giants’ trade stock

The team just played their 40th game, so what better time to talk about trading everyone away?

Madison Bumgarner’s no-trade list released

The Giants’ ace has opted to only block trades to contending teams.

Should the Giants be buyers or sellers this trade deadline?

What’s the best path for the team to get back to the playoffs?

Figuring out who the Giants could trade, Vol. II

If this morning’s rumor is true, then the Giants won’t be precious.

It sounds like the Giants are ready to make some big moves at the trade deadline

Bumgarner? Belt? Gorkys? Rumor has it this could be their most active and painful trade deadline since the late 90s.

Giants reportedly in ‘serious contract talks’ with Tony Watson

The left-handed reliever would appear to be too expensive for the Giants if they want to stay under the luxury tax threshold, but he’s also good.

The Giants have normal, non-collusion reasons to avoid the luxury tax, but ...

The payoff will need to be next year.

The Giants should poach one of the Brewers’ young center fielders, but there’s a problem

The Giants would like a defensive-minded center fielder. The Brewers have the perfect fit, except for one tiny detail

Giants sign Austin Jackson to two-year deal

The Giants have their center fielder, and they’ll stay under the luxury tax threshold.

Ranking the starting pitchers the Giants could pursue

If the Giants spend some of their remaining millions on a pitcher, which one should they get?

What the Giants are trying to accomplish with the Andrew McCutchen trade, in one chart

Well, actually, it’s a table. But the internet loves charts, so that’s what’s in the headline.

The Giants are also getting $2.5 million in the Andrew McCutchen trade

They’ll give up $500,000 in international bonus space, but they’ll get money to sign a center fielder or reliever.

Kyle Crick, Bryan Reynolds going back to Pirates in Andrew McCutchen trade

The Giants will get one year of a former MVP. The Pirates will get potential.

Giants trade for Andrew McCutchen

The lineup will certainly look a lot different in 2018.

The Giants could still sign Lorenzo Cain, and here’s why they would consider it

The Giants wouldn’t give up draft picks to sign a market-price free agent. But a free agent whose value is being hurt by the system?

Jay Bruce signs 3-year deal with not-Giants

It was the Mets, if you want to get technical.

Why the Giants probably won’t trade for Andrew McCutchen

The former MVP makes a lot of sense in some ways, but he doesn’t make sense in many more.

Austin Jackson is the perfect fit for the 2018 Giants

Assuming he comes at a reasonable price, that is.

The Giants are still talking to the Reds about a Billy Hamilton trade

But they can’t possibly be considering a trade that involves their best prospect.

Jacoby Ellsbury would be a spectacularly bad idea for the Giants

There’s no indication that the Giants are considering him, but we should cover all of our bases.

Evan Longoria gives the Giants their best chance of winning in 2018

As long as you’re of the opinion that the future is filled with barrels of nuclear waste, this was the right strategy.

It sure sounds like Jay Bruce is next for the Giants

It’s not a good idea, but it’s also not hard to improve on last year’s outfield.

Giants trade for Evan Longoria

The All-Star third baseman is heading to San Francisco, and Christian Arroyo is going the other way.

The Giants and the luxury tax, explained

The Giants have three or four holes they need to address before the season, and they’re determined to avoid the luxury tax. Can that work?

Giants re-sign Nick Hundley to one-year contract

The Willie Mac Award winner is back to defend his title.

A Maikel Franco trade makes a lot more sense for the Giants than an Evan Longoria trade

Franco isn’t nearly as good, though, which is something of a problem.

The Giants are interested in trading for Evan Longoria

This is a bad idea, unless it’s the best idea.


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