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Giants Trade Rumors: 2014 Deadline

The Giants did nothing, which isn't so bad

It was better than most of the alternatives, but not all.

Giants do absolutely nothing at the trade deadline

Dan Uggla is still on the roster, though!

Giants 'looking' at Alex Rios

The outfielder used to have power, but the Giants would have to hope it shows up in San Francisco, even though it didn't show up in Arlington.

Giants interested in Cabrera, Bonifacio, Beckham

The rumor mill is spitting out three names right now. Two are moderately intriguing, and the other one isn't exciting in the slightest.

Ranking the available second basemen

There's a table! Or a matrix. I can never remember the difference.

The Giants don't seem interested in Aaron Hill

Let's explore what that might or might not mean.

Giants reportedly interested in Rios, Denorfia

They have tires. They're being kicked.

Escobar, Hembree heading to Red Sox in Peavy trade

The Giants' preseason #2 prospect and eternal closer-in-waiting are heading to the Red Sox in exchange for Jake Peavy.

Giants trade for Jake Peavy

The Giants acquired a former Cy Young winner who lost his stuff, and they'll send him to a field where he can play with other former Cy Young winners who lost their stuff.

Rumor: 'High-level' scouts watching Price, Lester

And the Phillies are watching Kyle Crick. Hope you're excited for Kyle Kendrick, everyone!

Jake Peavy rumors and the Giants

The Giants might be in the market for a starting pitcher. Let's look at Jake Peavy, the most likely fit.

Report: Giants interested in Bartolo Colon

If Matt Cain is going to be out for a while, the Giants will be looking for help in the rotation. Colon might be cheap enough to work.

Giants reportedly interested in Asdrubal Cabrera

Does the Dan Uggla deal mean the Giants are done looking? No. So let's think about something other than Dan Uggla.

Report: Giants interested in Ben Zobrist

Second base has been a wasteland for most of the season. The Rays' second baseman would help.

The Giants' secret trade chip

It's a secret to everybody.

Giants trade rumors: Sabean will trade anyone

They'll do anything for Beltran, and they might do that.

Giants shut out of midseason top-50 lists

That seems bad. That's bad, right?

Giants reportedly interested in Daniel Murphy

He's a second baseman. With the Mets. You remember the Mets, right?

Giants interested, not interested in Samardzjia

The Giants sent a high-level scout to watch the Cubs play the Marlins. Because that's what they're supposed to do, just in case. Unless they're REALLY interested.

Giants have 'strong interest' in Jeff Samardzija

Will he push Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson out of the rotation? Only time will tell.

The Dodgers and Giants might have an Utley war

Get ready. Chase Utley rumors are coming.


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