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MLB Chronicles

Baseball is a vast expanse of news and stats. Why limit ourselves to the Giants?

Please listen to British calls from the London Series

It’s not silly, but it’s not quite right, but it also really works.

FanPulse Week 14: Why are Marlins fans more confident than Dodgers fans?

Sure, there could be fewer Miami voters than LA voters, but even then — what is the deal?

Everything you need to know for this weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox London Series

It’ll be quite the event.

The Yankees have homered in 29 consecutive games

That is an MLB record.

Vote for Hunter Pence (and these other guys I guess)

Here are some suggestions for how to vote for the AL All-Stars and a command to vote for Hunter Pence.

Wilkin Castillo and the power of perseverance

The Miami Marlins catcher spent more than a decade trying to return to the big leagues. On Saturday, he finally made it back.

Mets fine their manager and pitcher for altercation with the media

Hey, this is a pretty weird story.

Pete Alonso is hitting home runs at a rookie record pace

My goodness.

Aaron Judge is back

Court is in session.

CC Sabathia joins the 250-win club

Vallejo’s own joined an elite club of just 48 players.

The umpires are losing their minds

The umpires union took to Twitter to target a player of color—what could possibly go wrong?

The Yankees out-innovated the Rays by using just one pitcher for an entire game

Masahiro’s brilliant two-hit shutout of the Rays last night defied convention.

Five starting pitchers who could be traded by the deadline

Depending on who is actually traded, the starting pitching market is surprisingly thin or ridiculously stacked.

Charlie Blackmon, the Rockies, and the Padres just made history at Coors Field

How does the record for runs and hits in a four-game series explode?

Shohei Ohtani and Jake Bauers hit cycles on back-to-back days

It was a good week for people who like stuffed box scores.

Chris Paddack’s demotion isn’t just about service time

The Padres are only being a little opportunistic in an otherwise justifiable demotion.

The Nationals went back-to-back-to-back-to-back

This is just the ninth time in baseball history this has happened.

The penalty for signing a player extended a qualifying offer is extremely dumb

The penalty hurts players, creates a worse experience for fans, and sometimes has the opposite of its intended effect.

Andrew McCutchen is out for the year with a torn ACL

One of the easiest players to root for in the league is out until 2020.

The White Sox are dark horse candidates to be dark horse candidates

The White Sox aren’t good, but they have a chance to have a chance at the playoffs.

Hyun-jin Ryu had a May for the ages

Six starts, three earned runs. It’s hard to best that.

A White Sox ceremonial first pitch went hilariously wrong


This MLB Version of “The Star Spangled Banner” is bonkers good

Turn your volume ALL the way up.

Dustin Pedroia’s playing days may be over

Injuries are threatening to end the career of a great player.

Cavan Biggio is here to annoy other teams just like his dad

Mike Yastrzemski wasn’t the only descendant of a Hall of Famer to have a three-hit day on Sunday.

The broken Yankees are breaking baseball

A team this injured shouldn’t be this good.

The Twins will have outhomered the 2012 Giants by the end of the weekend

The Minnesota Twins have already hit more home runs than a lot of teams have hit in an entire season. It’s May.

Could the Texas Rangers actually … be good?

Are they actually playing this well or are they merely just entertaining?

Carter Stewart signing in Japan is brilliant

By skipping the draft, he’s also skipping a system designed to suppress young players’ salaries.

The Adam Eaton-Todd Frazier rift is exactly what the Mets-Nationals rivalry deserves

Who are the luckiest and unluckiest teams in baseball?

Spoiler: They both reside in the NL Central

He’s hip. He’s cool. He’s 65.

Joe Maddon knows how to speak to the kids. He also really, really needs to stay relevant... again, with the kids.


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