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McDeep Dives

This series spotlights one Giants player every day for a week. We’ll move backwards and forwards through time, look at on the field stuff, off the field stuff, and see if we can learn something new about them.

Are LEGO®s the key to Brandon Crawford’s success?

My sources say "maybe".

Revisiting Brandon Crawford’s 7-hit game

After all, he did make history.

We have taken Brandon Crawford’s defense for granted

Shame. Shame on all of us.

Nothing has ever come easy for Brandon Crawford

The scrappy rookie who could field but couldn’t hit has made himself into an offensive force. But he wasn’t always the scrappy rookie who could field, either.

A brief history of Brandon Crawford’s hair

We’ve watched it grow just as much as we’ve watched him grow as a player, you know.

Even the players think Brandon Crawford is underrated

It’s not every day the players agree on something, especially as it pertains to another player’s value.

Brandon Crawford is a fan of grand slams

This week’s McDeep Dive focuses on Brandon Crawford and how things all began for him as a Giant

Let’s rewatch Brandon Belt’s call-up to the big leagues

Showtime’s "The Franchise" is long gone, but the Giants’ Brandon Belt is still here and hitting.

What’s the best streak of Brandon Belt’s career (so far)?

Was it that Player of the Week stretch from earlier this season?

That one time I thought Brandon Belt had died

It was Game 1 of the NLDS.

The mystery of Brandon Belt’s high school nickname

We’ll never know its origin and we probably wouldn’t understand it even if we did.

Why not watch the longest home runs of Brandon Belt’s career?

If you need more reason to vote him into the All-Star Game, here you go.

Brandon Belt has been here before

But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get another shot at it.

The Gorkys Hernández Workout Program

Let this McDeep Dive serve as your latest reminder to not skip Leg Day.

Is Gorkys Hernández the original Heliot Ramos?

10 years ago, Gorkys played on the World Team in the MLB Futures Game.

The only Gorkys in Venezuela

A surface level joke for most of us carries a much deeper meaning for a man and his country.

Watch every Gorkys Hernandez home run from this year

They’re all surprising, and they’re all fun.

“I want to retire with this organization”: Gorkys Hernández loves being a Giant

And he’s hitting like one of those elusive free agent bats that never seem to want to come to the Giants.

Is Gorkys Hernández the Forrest Gump of Baseball?

This week’s McDeep Dive subject has been involved in a suspicious number of impactful player transactions.

Hunter Pence had a 23-game hitting streak in 2011

You can watch the whole streak here.

Hunter Pence: Good Giant and good dude

In today’s McDeep Dive, we’re going to get a little up close and personal with Pence’s role on the screen. The YouTube screen, that is.

Hunter Pence hosted a cooking class for kids

Our McDeep Dive into Hunter Pence continues with this look at his All-Star work off the field.

How many home runs are left in Hunter Pence’s bat?

In today’s McDeep Dive, we look at the cruelty of time.

A look back at a few times Hunter Pence was extra

The man is a lot... and we wouldn’t have it any other way

Hunter Pence catches

This is a straightforward McDeep Dive.

“The mechanism’s rolling on all cylinders”: Hunter Pence is back in the spotlight

Watch his interview from MLB Tonight.

Can Madison Bumgarner be a better hitter than Livan Hernandez?

But wait! It’s not as close as you think!

Of course the Giants aren’t going to trade Madison Bumgarner

None of the trade rumors over the next year will make any sense because they’ll fundamentally misunderstand the relationship.

Bumgarner 2031

There have been only 30 left-handed starters in MLB history to pitch at age 41. Can Madison Bumgarner be one of them?

Don’t forget about Bumgarner’s curveball

He doesn’t use it often, but when he does, it’s very effective.

Watch Madison Bumgarner’s first professional win

YouTube has the full game with only limited (local) commercial interruption.

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