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McCovey Chronicles Podcast

McCovey Chronicles Podcast

Chroncast #90: We’re Back! Featuring Bullpen Trust Power Rankings

Bryan and Doug are back to talking about the Giants, because they love them so.

Chroncast #89: D.B. Firstman

Come have fun with baseball names on the final Chroncast!

Chroncast #88: Craig Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus

Baseball, philosophy . . . baseball philosophy?

Chroncast #87: We were fired

Well, that sucked.

McCovey Chroncast #85: Three Men and a Press Conference

Bryan and Sami talk about everything that went down at Gabe Kapler’s first press conference and how it might’ve gone better.

McC Happy Hour #9: Kenny Kelly

Do you want to know what the site’s primary post-game recapper sounds like?

Chroncast #84: Blog Days of August

Has Farhan Zaidi already met expectations? Also, Bryan and Sami go over the new community guidelines and talk Brandon Belt.

UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #4

Jason Pennini of Prospects Live gives Roger and Bryan his scouting reports on the Giants’ AZL talent.

The McCovey Chronicles Happy Hour Episode 8 - Allison McCague

Come listen to the 100th episode of our podcast channel!

Prospect Podcast #3: Everybody loves the Giants (just a little bit more than they used to)

We might not know exactly what impact the new front office has had on the players they’ve inherited — but the organization is much better than it was.

McCovey Chroncast #83: The Giants traded Mark Melancon

A flurry of moves saw what was once thought to be the Giants’ most immovable contract actually moved. Bryan and Doug talk it out.

McC Happy Hour #7: Sam Bradfield

This week, Sami checks in with a rival NL West blogger.

McCovey Chronicles Happy Hour Episode 6: Brady Klopfer

McC Happy Hour #5: Carmen Kiew

Carmen’s back! Does she roast McCovey Chronicles in her return?

Prospect Podcast #2: Bart & Ramos at the Futures Game and a second half forecast

For the first time in a decade, the Giants have prospects people outside the fandom want to talk about.

Chroncast #82: Will Smith is an All-Star

Doug Bruzzone returns to the Chroncast. Has he become jaded from his new gig as a Giants beat reporter?

The McCovey Chronicles Happy Hour Episode 3 - Bradford William Davis

Sami and Brady are joined by Bradford William Davis of the New York Daily News to check in on the New York Yankees.

Check out the new prospect podcast on the McCovey Chronicles Podcast Channel

Hey! Roger Munter has his own show now. Hear Minor Lines come to life.

McCovey Chroncast Season Premiere

The podcasting will continue until morale improves.

The Internet’s Lana Berry joins Sami for the latest McC Happy Hour

Sami and Lana talk about the early season surprises and how to break into sports media.

Welcome to the McCovey Chronicles Podcast Channel

Megaphone (formerly Panoply Media) is the new network for all the team site podcasts, including your favorite, the McCovey Chroncast. But wait — there’s more!

Chroncast Season Finale: Roger Munter reviews the 2018 minor league season

This is a positive episode about the Giants and their prospects.

Chroncast Special: Roger Munter breaks down the Giants’ draft

Did the Giants change the way they scout players and does Joey Bart fit the bill as a power hitter?

Chroncast #79: Gran Torino

Is there any mystery behind the Giants’ recent success?

Chroncast #78: Giants Punch Back

Despite injuries and blowout losses, the Giants keep fighting back. Bryan, Doug, and Sami marvel at the week that was.

Chroncast #77: Beltcast

It was a breathless week of Brandon Belt brand baseball and Bryan and Sami are talking all about it for this week’s episode.

Chroncast #76: 6-9, dudes!

It’s not the nicest record, but it’s also not not the nicest record.

Chroncast Special: Minor Lines Spring Training Recap and Forecap

Roger talks about what he saw at the Spring Training complex and why fans should be excited about the minor league season.

Chroncast #74 - NL West Preview

Bryan, Doug, and Sami are joined by SB Nation NL West site writers to get a sense of the talent the Giants will be battling against this season.

Chroncast #73: Rule 5

Bryan and Sami project the Opening Day roster.

Chroncast #72: The Ghost & The Grantness

Sami might be haunted by a ghost, the Giants might be haunted by their lack of depth; meanwhile, Grant Brisbee returns and reveals that he might be haunted by an extra inning game from last season.

McCovey Chroncast Season Premiere!


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