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Masahiro Tanaka and the Giants

Not-Dodgers sign Masahiro Tanaka

And that's a good thing, because Masahiro Tanaka is probably pretty good.

Don't worry too much about Tanaka to the Dodgers

It's not like he's really good and will make them better. No, no, certainly not.

Tanaka could be a Golden Eagle instead of a Dodger

It was fun to pretend the Giants were mildly interested. But the reality was he was going to be a Dodger. He'll have to wait at least a year, most likely.

Tanaka might not come over at all

That doesn't make a difference for the Giants, who were out anyway. Except it might mean the Dodgers don't get him, either.

Possible posting-system changes could help Giants

Not enough for them to get past Lloyd Christmas status when it comes to Masahiro Tanaka, but it can't hurt.

Who are you chasing, Ahab?

Masahiro Tanaka is my white whale. Share yours with the rest of the class.

2014 Giants payroll commitments

With Lincecum back for all the millions, how much do the Giants have left?

Masahiro Tanaka, the Giants, and you

Not sure what you have to do with this, really ...