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URLgenio Velez

URLgenio Velez, Gluten-Free Edition

I do not advise going gluten-free, because gluten is fantastic.

URLgenio Velez, Bumgarner Speech Edition

I hadn't used a parade picture as the header image in weeks, it feels like. Way too long.

URLgenio Velez, Mascot Edition!

Do you want to be the next Guy Inside A Super Hot Mascot Suit in the middle of summer in Sacramento? Sure you do!

URLgenio Velez, Golden Pitch Edition

I know it's exciting to have a link dump today, but please, don't all throw your underwear at me at once

URLgenio Velez, Hanksgiving Edition!

It's not my pun, but I'll use it nevertheless. Monday, I'll knock off another letter and it'll be Anksgiving. It's the day when you give relatives Paul Anka CDs.

URLgenio Velez, Thanksgiving Edition

If only there had been some positive Giants-related event this year that we could be thankful for

URLgenio Velez, Ridiculous Melky Rumor Edition

To be clear, it's a rumor that has no facts whatsoever behind it. This is known as "the best kind of rumor"

URLgenio Velez, Hall of Fame Ballot Edition!

Giants legend Randy Johnson is eligible. Get excited!

URLgenio Velez, Sandoval Rumors Edition


URLgenio Velez, Giants On Top Edition

Not literally, because that would presumably be painful

URLgenio Velez, Sandoval Value Edition

I hope that he gets lots of money and I also hope the Giants re-sign him for not that much money.

URLgenio Velez, More Bumgarner Praise Edition

It really never gets old.

URLgenio Velez, Heyward Trade Edition

What I want to know is this: Why didn't Sabean trade a bunch of crap for a good player?

URLgenio Velez, Parade Nostalgia Edition

Just because we haven't had any new parades doesn't mean we can't be smug about the parades we have had

URLgenio Velez, Stanton Megacontract Edition

No, not with the Giants, though I hope I got someone's hopes up for a fraction of a second

URLgenio Velez, Zito Comeback Edition

Guess who's back? Back again. Zito's back. Walk some men.

URLgenio Velez, Mr. Manager Edition

We just say manager

URLgenio Velez, Offseason Prediction Edition

Can YOU beat the predictions of baseball executives? one's really asking you to, and there isn't a contest. But still. Can you?

URLgenio Velez, Pablo Debate Edition

The important thing is that we live in a country that even allows us to HAVE the debate

URLgenio Velez, Meet the Press Edition!

Sabean and Bochy talked about sexy topics yesterday like Pablo Sandoval and Tim Lincecum, so let's discuss the backup catcher situation

URLgenio Velez, Affeldt's Feat Edition!

Considering I complain about it being called great, am I a hypocrite for calling it a feat? Shut up. That's my answer. Shut up.

URLgenio Velez, Ring Kissing Edition!

Gregor has the right idea

URLgenio Velez, Still More Bumgarner Edition!

Not literally, perv

URLgenio Velez, Parade Edition!

A World Series parade, which the Giants were involved with because they won the World Series.

URLgenio Velez, Still a BAMF Edition

More like Madison BAMFgarner

URLgenio Velez, Bumgarner The Greatest Edition

That was exhausting. I didn't think I'd feel so worn out! It was quite the ride, though, and I don't regret it at all.

URLgenio Velez, Win Today Edition

If not, oh well, Giants. You'll get 'em tomorrow.

URLgenio Velez, Do The Thing Peavy Edition

Jake Peavy should do the thing where he's good and he gets a win. That's a good thing. He should do it.

URLgenio Velez, BUMGARNER Edition!

This is the point where Royals fans console themselves by saying their hitters are just deathly afraid of rocketed snot

URLgenio Velez, Posey Is Good Edition

Have you heard about the goodness of Buster Posey? It seems that it would have come up at some point.

URLgenio Velez, Let's Not Talk About It Edition

There is no Hunter Strickland #content and you're welcome for that.

URLgenio Velez, World Series Preview Edition!

Pretty sure I'm getting this in at the exact right time. After Game 1 is when preview traffic spikes.