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URLgenio Velez

Monday Wake Up Thread 3/26

URLgenio Velez, Retired Numbers Edition

The Giants should retire 69 because it should be in the Hall of Fame for being nice

URLgenio Velez, Monte Irvin Edition

He got a World Series ring AND he's being highlighted in the URLgenio Velez. Hard to say which is the bigger deal, really.

URLgenio Velez, Bat Waggle Edition!

Bat waggles are different than butt waggles, which reminds me: RIP Gary Brown's Giants career

URLgenio Velez, Instagram Expert Edition!

The expert is Jon Miller, in case you didn't look at the picture that is next to these words.

URLgenio Velez, Barry's Not Done Yet Edition

I wish he was, and he wishes he was, though

URLgenio Velez, DH Debate Edition!


URLgenio Velez, Engaged With the Game Edition

Manfred, you better not let that prenup issue get between them

URLgenio Velez, Race in Baseball Edition

Hey, there's a thing to talk about, so let's talk about it, and do nothing, and congratulate ourselves for "having the conversation"

URLgenio Velez, Sabermetric Debates Edition

Yeah, sure, talk to people on the Internet about things, if you want to be a WEIRDO.

URLgenio Velez, Hunter Pence Is Fun Edition

It's sweet that the lineup misses him so much they totally fell apart without him.


The horse has nothing to do with the links. has EVERYTHING to do with them???

URLgenio Velez, Come Back Hunter Edition

Maybe the reason he hasn't healed yet is that no one has said please. So, please?

URLgenio Velez, Buster Posey's Workouts Edition!

He's an ass man, you know. That sentence may be clickbait, but it's actually in the damn article.

URLgenio Velez, Bring Back Bullpen Carts Edition

It would add so much amusement! And isn't that what baseball is all about?

URLgenio Velez, Bochy's Big Head Edition!

Yes, he has a big head. No, not metaphorically. Well, maybe metaphorically. I don't know him, so it's not like it's impossible.

URLgenio Velez, Okert in camp edition!

The subtext is "Damn, I'm good." The text is disturbingly similar.

URLgenio Velez, New Peavy Pitch Edition

is it a gyroball? It's prbably a gyroball.

URLgenio Velez, Outdoorsy Bumgarner Edition

Have you heard that Madison Bumgarner enjoys the outdoors? It's easy to miss.

URLgenio Velez, Dan Uggla is a nice man Edition!

Very pleasant and personable.

URLgenio Velez, Closer Rankings Edition!

You'll NEVER GUESS where Santiago Casilla ends up, where by NEVER I mean "EVENTUALLY IF GIVEN ENOUGH CHANCES"

URLgenio Velez, Predictive Stats Edition

Do spring training stats matter? The answer used to be no. Now the answer is...they almost don't!

URLgenio Velez, Casey McGehee Edition

Usually the titles are a little more specific than that, but lay off, man, I didn't have a lot to work with.

URLgenio Velez, Belt Back Blogging Edition!

We missed you, buddy

URLgenio Velez, Merchandise Sales Edition!

Not one link in here about adorable animals being adorable. I'm slipping.

URLgenio Velez, Tim and Hector Edition!

Together in newspapers. Together in their hearts.

URLgenio Velez, Teacher Barry Edition

"Now class, what is 8 plus 7?" "15?" "WRONG THE ANSWER IS DINGERS THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS DINGERS." "What about walks?" "Yes, I also would have accepted 'Walks'."

URLgenio Velez, Let's Sign Cubans Edition

I will also be in favor of signing any more Cubans who defect. My stance on this in very consistent.

URLgenio Velez, Golfin' Posey Edition!

It'll be a good opportunity for stalking, you know

URLgenio Velez, Dog of the Year Edition

He was always Dog Of The Year in my heart

URLgenio Velez, Beach House Edition!

The beach house is a Super Smash Bros location, while the San Francisco condo is a total Hearthstone pad

URLgenio Velez, Goodbye to 2014 Edition

I mostly just picked the photo of Gary Brown because it was the second one in the image thing.


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