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Giants extend Gabe Kapler’s contract through 2024

Filing this under "news that will shock absolutely no one"

Is there no truth in replay?

"Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Giants players livin’ it up for the ‘gram

Why yes, Instagram is the yee to Johnny Cueto’s haw.

Bruce Bochy and the gifts that keep on giving

"You say potato, I say vodka," - Karen Walker AND Bruce Bochy, maybe?

Should we be worried about Oracle Park’s declining attendance?

Oh noooooooooooo...

Would Mac Williamson make a decent Wildling?

Yes, we’re asking and answering this hard-hitting question. You’re welcome.

The unbearable lightness of Pablo Sandoval

Panda will always panda.

The media and the mystery of Derek Holland’s open mouth

Well, at least he apologized for all the spilt tea?

Kevin Pillar cares nothing for your ridiculous home run attempts, silly rookie

You know nothing, Nick Senzel.

Giants announce first round of roster cuts

Thirteen players will be moving on as the Giants begin to whittle down the roster.

Giants to reunite with Hector Sanchez on minor league deal

Finally, Sanchez’s reign of terror against the Giants will come to a close as he agrees to a minor league deal with the organization that brought him up.

Johnny Cueto decides not to opt out of his Giants contract

Four more years! Four more years!

Open GameThread, 5/21

Giants promote four front-office executives

Unless this is a precursor to a bloody coup, this is probably the first step toward a Brian Sabean (and Bruce Bochy) extension.

Conor Gillaspie dealt to the White Sox

Conor Gillaspie, the first player from the 2008 draft to make the majors, was traded to the White Sox for Jeff Soptic, an A-ball reliever.