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Hypothetical Season

Hypothetical recap: Giants successfully fail to avoid the sweep

Was that wording confusing? Let me try again: They lost.

Hypothetical recap: Upon further examination, Max Scherzer is still really good

And also the Giants are not.

Hypothetical recap: Nationals win the battle of the Ross brothers

Joe Ross is better than Tyson Ross. Nationals are better than Giants. More at 11.

Hypothetical recap: Giants win a series, and no, you’re not reading an older article

The Giants have won their second series in a row.

Hypothetical recap: Johnny Cueto shimmies, Austin Slater homers, Giants win a game of baseball

Hey, that was a nice change of pace.

Hypothetical recap: Why does Nolan Arenado insist on existing?

To punish the Giants, obviously.

Hypothetical recap: Giants predictably avoid the sweep

We can have some nice things, but not all the nice things.

Hypothetical recap: The Giants just . . . /checks notes . . . won a series?

Buster Posey got the best of Cole Hamels, and it was as enjoyable as you would think.

Hypothetical recap: Giants win behind ... Billy Hamilton?!?!

There’s always one weird win.

Hypothetical recap: Giants bats wake the hell up

Trevor Bauer has been bested. This is my happy face.

Hypothetical recap: Don’t look now but it appears that the Giants have forgotten how to win

The losing streak hits four.

Hypothetical recap: Giants finally step outside the division ... and get mollywhopped

Well. Umm. OK.

Hypothetical recap: Free holiday baseball! Oh, and a loss

What’s better than five innings of free baseball? Other than a win, I mean.

Hypothetical recap: A Saturday stinker!

Jeff Samardzija was bad, and the Giants were worse.

Hypothetical recap: Johnny Cueto does his thing, Giants beat Padres

Now that was a good time.

Hypothetical recap: Brandon Belt powers Giants to series draw

Plus, Logan Webb makes his first start of the year.

Hypothetical news: Giants call up Logan Webb, DFA Yolmer Sánchez

The fifth starter is here. The Gold Glove winner is not.

Hypothetical recap: Robbie Ray gets the best of battle with Kevin Gausman

Giants still have better jerseys, though.

Hypothetical recap: Drew Smyly is not, as it turns out, invincible

Well, he tried.

Hypothetical recap: Madison Bumgarner returns, everyone cries, Giants win

All the feels.

Hypothetical recap: Giants squander late rally, fall in 11th

So close. And yet . . . so, so far.

Hypothetical recap: Oh no, don’t play like that!

Well, that’s not how you’re supposed to do it.

Hypothetical recap: Giants make the most of their home opener

Drew Smyly. That’s it, that’s the article.

Hypothetical recap: Giants mess around and score a lot of runs off of Mike Leake

The Giants avoided the sweep.

Hypothetical recap: Madison Bumgarner exacts his revenge


Hypothetical recap: Giants walked-off for the first time, but not the last time

And it wasn’t even exciting!

Hypothetical recap: A win, a win, my kingdom for a win

They did it! Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Hypothetical recap: Giants drop a snoozer

They’re 0-2, folks. Hypothetically, that is.

Hypothetical recap: Giants do not, under any circumstance, have to “Beat LA”

Opening Day is in the books. The Giants still do not have a win.

Hypothetical news: Giants set their Opening Day roster

The roster is set. For now.

Hypothetical news: Giants avoid fifth starter, don’t set a closer

San Francisco enters the season with neither a fifth starter nor a closer.