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A final word on Tim and Hector

Until the next word.

Why you have high hopes for Tim Lincecum

I mean, I think you do. Maybe you don't. You should.

Tim Lincecum throws, gets hit hard

Cole Gillespie's good day

In which we explain which statistics are important in the Cactus League.

Your Pablo Sandoval fatness meter

This year, you'll likely hear many varying opinions on the fitness level of one Pablo Sandoval. Here's your official guide to determining how fat the Kung Fu Panda is at all times.

The search for the 25th man on the roster

Really, this is the biggest story of the spring for the San Francisco Giants. So, uh, buckle up?

Paying too much attention to Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum did not have the season we expected last year. Let's dissect his spring-training outings beyond all reason!

Posey catches Lincecum, and this is news