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The best rookies in San Francisco Giants history

Where does Matt Duffy rank among the best rookies in San Francisco Giants history? The answer might s ... actually, no. It won't surprise you. Dude's good.

Matching Giants players with Pixar movies

And let's rank the Pixar movies while we're at it.

Watch Barry Bonds win the 1996 Home Run Derby

The year was 1996, and Barry Bonds hit more dingers than the other guys.

The four lessons of Matt Duffy, who makes no sense

Where did Matt Duffy come from, and how was everyone so wrong about him?

Marco Scutaro and the most popular short-term Giants of all-time

Is Marco Scutaro the most popular Giants player who didn't actually play for the team that long? Let's take a look.

The Giants equivalent of every Warriors player

Which title-winning Giants players do each of the title-winning Warriors remind you of?

The five best games of Tim Lincecum's career

In honor of Tim Lincecum's birthday, let's remember his very best games.

50 awesome things about Chris Heston's no-hitter

The annual tradition continues. Who had Chris Heston in the office pool?

Stop booing Juan Uribe, you weirdos

He's not on the Dodgers anymore. It's over.

The miracle of Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford

Brandons Belt and Crawford are partially responsible for the Giants' recent winning. Don't take their unlikeliness for granted.

An overdue Michael Morse appreciation

A little belated, but a lot deserved. Let's welcome our old friend back and bask in the memories.

Are you still bitter about the 2002 World Series?

Rank your pain on a scale of one-to-10.

Happy Giants Postseason Bracket: the final vote

It's the final round of the Happy Giants Memories Postseason Bracket of Fun. We started with 64 Giants moments, but there can be only one.

How to root for the 2015 Giants

A public service on how to root for a team that isn't likely to win another World Series.

That time when Brandon Belt beat the shift

It was glorious, and here's hoping he gets to do it a lot more before they take away defensive shifts.

Photo of the day: Will Clark has words with Mark McGwire

Welcome to Will Clark Altercation Chronicles!

It's been 10 years, y'all

Buy me presents.

The best one-year wonders in San Francisco Giants history

Or, at least the ones we remember most fondly.

The almost-famous error of Gregor Blanco

We don't need therapy, but we at least need a forum like this.

The Double Play

Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford combined for one of the best defensive plays in Giants postseason history. Here's an appreciation.

Madison Bumgarner is a legend, Giants one win away

The Giants are a win away from trolling the world.

How Jonathan Sanchez controls the world

Jeremy Guthrie is starting Game 3 of the 2014 World Series, just like he was supposed to.

World Series preview: None of this makes any sense

The Giants and Royals are in the World Series, so there's no point pretending like we know what's going to happen.

Travis Ishikawa sends the Giants to the World Series

The unlikeliest player on any team in the postseason just hit one of the biggest home runs in Giants history. Let us celebrate him.

The brief history of Giants postseason walk-offs

It's sad, but it's not *that* sad. There have been a couple in the new ballpark, at least.

Dodgers do not win World Series for 26th consecutive year

The Dodgers have made the playoffs eight times since 1988, but they haven't been able to advance past the NLCS.

Giants win longest postseason game in history

There were 18 innings and one dinger. The game was over, but then someone spilled water on the game, and another, scarier game popped out of its fur. Somehow, the Giants won.

Literally Travis Ishikawa

Travis Ishikawa is starting in left field for the Giants in the 2014 playoffs. That was one strange sentence to type, let me tell you.

Should the Giants even try to win the Wild Card Game?

Do you think the Giants have another remarkable playoff run in them when all they've demonstrated this season is that they're capable of blowing a huge division lead?

The greatest bad trade in Giants history

I don't know why the Giants did this, but I'm glad they did.

Position-by-position Giants home run records

You weren't being nice when you laughed at the Padres and Jedd Gyorko. The Giants can be pretty funny, too.

Happy 50th birthday, Barry Bonds

Regrets, I have a few.


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