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Splash Hits

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We have proof that Cory Gearrin can smile

#Repost @sfgiants with @repostapp. ・・・ Welcome to The Show @steven_okert! @corygearrin is stoked!

A photo posted by Cory Gearrin (@corygearrin) on

I ... I need to sit down for a bit to soak this all in. You think you know a guy, and then he does this.

Here are the Giants All-Star and holiday uniforms

There are some ... interesting jerseys and caps in here.

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These new Dodgers helmets are hilarious, hideous

They look like something from the Simpsons episode where everything went 3D. Hard pass.

Madison Bumgarner hit *another* homer off Kershaw

Same pitch. Same result.

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Will Clark's homer against Nolan Ryan was 30 years ago today

The best part about the 30th birthday of Will Clark hitting a homer off Nolan Ryan in his first at-bat of his career? The Giants posted this video, which wasn't easy to find on the Internet before.

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In RF, Buster's good friend Hunter Pence

Such "good friends," as Jon Miller put it.

Jon Miller's call of Pence's homer was fantastic

And Hunter Pence is having fun with it, too.

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Madison Bumgarner's offseason seems very different than my offseason

Featured Fanshot

Hunter Pence's stolen scooter returned to Make-A-Wish

Stolen from the local Make-A-Wish Foundation office, Hunter Pence's scooter has been recovered. Says KRON, "Police recovered the scooter and arrested two suspects. A third suspect is still on the loose, according to authorities." The scooter was auctioned off for $40,000.

Giants go back-to-back-to-back on Opening Day

Have an Opening Day, Denard Span, Joe Panik, and Buster Posey.

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The Giants have new, matte batting helmets

Austin Slater hit a ball hard, confused children

Over the fence, over the grass, into the bushes, and out of anyone's sight, apparently.

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Matt Duffy's bats are going to be illegal

Good job, focusing on the biggest problem the sport has to face, Major League Baseball. Good job.

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Madison Bumgarner, Jason Heyward jaw during Thursday's game

"No, it’s not (okay). It sure isn’t," he said. "You might want to be a little more discreet about that if you’re going to do that kind of thing."
Madison Bumgarner about Jason He...

Happy 15th anniversary of Randy Johnson's bird explosion!

You still have time to shop for your significant other!

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This is the World Series logo that'll be on your shirts in a few months

Adjust your plans accordingly.

Barry Bonds still hits more dingers than everyone

The 51-year-old Bonds took on his new team in a batting practice contest and beat everyone. Even Giancarlo Stanton, his very large protégé.

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Hunter Pence guest stars in a very special episode of Fuller House

Hunter Pence guest stars in Fuller House , the Full House...spinoff? Reboot? Sequel? released today on Netflix. Pence plays "Himself" in Episode 10: "A Giant Leap." The plot? Pence is going out with Stephanie Tanner (sorry Lexi), and the house empties out [groan] into AT&T Park for a Giants game, but things get "a little out of hand!" [laugh track] Thank goodness it's Friday. [polite applause for reference]

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This is Johnny Cueto in a ball pit

esto chistes del san Francisco

A photo posted by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

This is Johnny Cueto in a ball pit. Is it the ball pit in the McDonald's near your house? Probably. It's where he goes to think.

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Hunter Pence's hair is probably a national security issue at this point

Half Static-X, half Kid 'n Play, and all amazing. Welcome back, Hunter Pence. Let's just see where this hairdo takes us.

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This picture of Barry Bonds in a Marlins uniform hurts my brain

Happy for the guy for getting a chance to prove himself. Sad for me because my brain hurts.

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Here is your first Madison Bumgarner snotrocket of 2016

/sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with right hand over heart and teary eyes

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Matt Duffy says goodbye for now to Skeeter as he heads to Arizona

See you later, Duffcat.

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Completely infallible USA Today projections say Giants will win NL West

It's semi-science, folks.

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It's Johnny Cueto's birthday, and he loves you.

A photo posted by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

Johnny Cueto loves you, and in his birthday post, he decided to let everyone know. Unless he is posting this to wish himself a happy birthday. Either way, we love Johnny Cueto and we love Johnny Cueto's hat. What a beautiful world we live in.

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Don't worry, everyone: The founder of MySpace is going to pay for Tim Lincecum

I get a lot of folks tweeting at me about keeping Tim Lincecum on the Giants. Most of them are just peasants, and none of them have offered to pay for him out of their own pocket ... until now!

This is a baby goat standing on Tim Hudson

If it were a regular goat standing on Tim Hudson, it would probably hurt, but it's just a baby goat.

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Johnny Cueto can ride horses, too.

Looks like Johnny Cueto is trying to challenge Madison Bumgarner to a horse race now.

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Welcome Braxton Crawford!

Congratulations Brandon and Jalynne Crawford!

Denard Span is scared of birds, so ... uh ...

Not just any birds, but birds that eat fish. Nope, shouldn't be a problem at all.

Hunter Pence's new condo has a pretty nice view

You would have guessed as much. But look at this danged view.

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Bruce Bochy bought Tim Flannery a World Series trophy

A wonderful Christmas gift, what a class act. Both of them.


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