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Barry Bonds ruthlessly big-leagued Joc Pederson

While this probably has to do with Bonds being a jerk, I'm choosing to believe that he still hates the Dodgers that much.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Joc Pederson is on the Dodgers. While I'm sure if he were on the Giants, I would be completely in love with his talent and everything about him, he's on the Dodgers, which means he smells like Tommy Lasorda and should be treated as such.

He's a Palo Alto kid, though, and he grew up idolizing Barry Bonds. When the Dodgers played the Marlins recently, Pederson had a chance to go up and take a picture with him. How exciting!

It ... didn't go well.

Two thoughts:

  1. While we do put Bonds on a pedestal for all of his on-field accomplishments, the overwhelming evidence suggests that he was, and is, a malfunctioning jerk.

  2. lol

Yeah, those two thoughts just about sum it up. Best of luck with your Bonds selfie next time, Joc! And sorry about your childhood memories.

(Hat-tip to Big League Stew)