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This guy transformed Duane Kuiper's Indians bobblehead into a Giants one

He is a wizard.

For the record, I am still very much in favor of the initial idea behind the Duane Kuiper bobblehead the Giants gave away in 2014 and always have been. It takes moxie -- yeah, moxie -- for a team to give away a bobblehead with another team's jersey on it, but Kuiper's single home run transcends baseball. It was nothing but an honest bobblehead.

Still, someone thought, "Boy, I still want a Kuiper bobblehead with him in an '80s jersey," and then figured out a way to find someone who could make that happen. Behold!

It's ... it's beautiful. And if you're curious about how it's done, that link takes you to a detailed description of the process.

I want one.

Father's Day is coming up.

You didn't get me anything last year.

Just sayin'.