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Justin Maxwell sure is excited about these shutouts

But then, who isn't?

Just havin' a good time!
Just havin' a good time!
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

While Justin Maxwell might not be the perennial All-Star we all assumed he'd become, he has still been a bright spot this year for the Giants with Hunter Pence still nursing his broken metatarsus. And with his story of growing up a Giants fan in Maryland because of his dad's love for Willie Mays, along with his fun personality, he's an easy guy to root for.

And hey, isn't Justin delighted by these shutouts? Who wouldn't be excited to see a team that stumbled out of the gate find its way? I know that I, after long hours of deliberation on the subject, have decided that wins are more fun than losses. And shutout wins, especially, are the most fun. If you think so too, then hey, good news, Justin Maxwell agrees!

Also, I shamelessly stole this tweet from Pavs and wrote a few words about it, and that's what we here in the Internet writing world call "content"!