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Vote for the Richmond Flying Squirrels logo

If the Giants do not win an Internet poll which the Giants could win, you, the Giants fan, are personally responsible.

Here she is...Miss Logerica...
Here she is...Miss Logerica...

If there's one thing I enjoy about writing for McCovey Chronicles, it's encouraging Giants fans to go vote for a bunch of meaningless crap. And boy oh boy, do I have some meaningless crap for you today! Baseball America is running a bracket of minor league logos, as you do in May, and the Giants' AA affiliate is in the final four. Just look at that logo: majestic, goofy, determined, flying, a squirrel. It's got everything. Let's look at its competitors:

Toledo Mud Hens:


This is the logo that Richmond is up against this round. Where is the flying squirrel with a ridiculously serious expression on its face? Sure, you could argue that the mud hen has an equally serious expression, but come on, man, it's not a squirrel. And what's with the lack of trust in the audience to know that the animal in the logo is a mud hen? You don't have to spell it out for us, Toledo, and honestly, it's pretty insulting.

Biloxi Shuckers:


Okay, I can't deny that this is a good one. And it even has an excuse for having the team name all written out: if it wasn't, you might think the team was the Biloxi Clams or even Biloxi Pearls, which simply won't do. However, when you compare it to the Richmond logo, you'll notice that the clam isn't flying. This is a clear demerit, and one that pushes the Squirrels' logo ahead of it in any sensible rankings.

Hillsboro Hops:


Are...are those eyes? When I drink my beer, am I killing some kind of sentient hops? It sure looks like it, and that's pretty damn unsettling. Stop creeping me out, Hillsboro.