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Amy Gutierrez interviews Pablo Sandoval

Am I really talking about Pablo again? Stop it, me.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

A link for those of you not tired of this story yet

Pablo Sandoval is in town to play against the A's as a member of whatever new team he's on – you'd think that information would have been reported at some point during the offseason, but oh well – and he sat down for an interview with Amy Gutierrez  Let's run down the highlights:

  • Pablo doesn't only miss Bochy and Pence, but if he had to list everyone, it would have been a long interview, so he said only them. When he clarified this point, he did not name any other players or coaches who he missed. They exist, though. The Giants totally have some players he misses in Canada. You just don't know them.
  • It was tough to leave the Giants because they brought him up to the majors and he won three World Series, but he left because it was time for something new. This would be a totally fair statement if it wasn't contradicted by multiple quotes in the media and in this very interview where he talked about disrespect.
  • Pablo did not leave because of money. Funny: months ago, he said he left because the Giants lowballed him on their first contract offer.
  • Pablo started to not feel at home in San Francisco because he felt he couldn't be himself, which ties in with...
  • Pablo felt disrespected because the Giants talked to the media about his weight, which is interesting because...
  • Pablo likes Bochy, Baer, and Evans just fine
Also, and this wasn't addressed in the actual interview, but Pablo's hair is stupid.

Now, I don't want to pick on Amy, because Amy is great and she has way too many haters and if you're an Amy hater then stop it, but I think we can all agree that we didn't get an answer to the most important question: Does Pablo know who Aubrey Huff is? The people want to know, Amy. THE PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW.