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Buster Posey on CBS This Morning

He talked about important things, like Buster Posey.

Buster Posey, the Face of Major League Baseball, was interviewed by CBS This Morning because they wanted America to see this face. And, there, looking back at America, was America.

The interview:

The important takeaways:

  • Buster Posey met his wife in high school, studying for the SATs
  • Posey was quick to point out that he scored higher
  • The Posey family lives on the old turkey farm he grew up in
  • Posey's daughter walks around the house saying "Aye, que lindo!"
  • Posey corrects his wife's grammar
  • Posey is better than you
  • Posey is better than most people
  • Look into Posey's eyes

Just skip the part where they talk about his already-creaky catcher's knees, and you'll enjoy this greatly.