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Willie Mays on What's My Line?

Because sometimes you just want to see Willie Mays on a game show from the '60s

You know how it's a slow day and you're all "Spring Training has reached the period where I have nothing to say about it" and you just want something basebally to watch so you go through your favorites on Twitter until you find something cool so you post it on McCovey Chronicles? If so, boy do I have you covered! Here are the highlights:

  • Willie Mays implying that domed stadiums are an abomination, as baseball cannot be performed indoors
  • Willie Mays saying that people called him a showboater for catching what looked to be a home run ball in the All-Star game
  • Willie Mays being charming and delightful and Willie Mays

In conclusion, Willie Mays is the greatest and you're not.