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Will Ferrell plays against, for the Giants

It was dumb. But it was our dumb.

It begins. There is a celebrity in that helicopter. What can possibly go wrong?

There is drama. Our hero hasn't arrived.

A semi-national audience was kept in suspense. Would funnyman Will Ferrell make his Giants debut?

Also, how many times do people actually use "funnyman Will Ferrell"?

funnyman will ferrell

Good gravy, people. Try harder.

Before one hero arrives, another must depart!

All hope is lost.

And then!

His first assignment: Hit off Jean Machi. Careful, Will Ferrell! He throws gas!

Why, I bet he won't even make ...



Or maybe he just read the Blaine Gabbert news on the ticker.

Then, a trade!

MLBTR reported that Rob Schneider was on the table, but the White Sox chose to take Greg Proops and a comedian to be named later instead.

The Giants' decided to try out Ferrell at catcher instead of DH.

/Wilin Rosario nods, takes notes

Bruce Bochy had seen enough.

But he hadn't seen enough of funnyman Will Ferrell, which is a good thing, too, because Get Hard is coming out on March 27!

And that's the story of when Will Ferrell hit against, then played for, the Giants. You might think it was a publicity stunt, but ... well ... okay, it was a publicity stunt. But it's more than Jarrett Parker got when the Giants jerked him around last year, and Ferrell will probably get a pension.

I wonder if someone will take a picture of Ferrell in a Giants uniform, and then write a naughty Anchorman quote about San Diego in impact font! We can only hope. We can only hope.