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Aubrey Huff has some things to say about Pablo Sandoval

Well this is fun

Levitating that ball with his mind
Levitating that ball with his mind
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Aubrey Huff read Pablo's comments about leaving the Giants, and he wasn't exactly surprised:

Now, with the caveat that I am not friends with Aubrey Huff on Facebook and therefore it is entirely possible I have been taken in by an elaborate ruse designed to trick Giants fans into thinking that an ex-Giant who doesn't like the Giants is disliked by another ex-Giant, daaaaaaaaannnnnggggggggg.

One thing that lends credence to this being real is that Huff has criticized Pablo on Twitter lately, so it makes sense he'd do the same on Facebook:

This public sniping isn't really a good look for anyone involved, but for us, the fans, it sure can be entertaining. So let's hope that not only is this real, but it leads to a long and fruitful media feud for years to come.

(Link via Reddit)