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Splash Hits

Hunter and Alexis Pence’s couples Halloween costume is amazing again

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This owl floating in a sink will make you feel better

I just wanted the front page to stop being so damned bleak.

Let’s talk about Sam Dyson’s eternal love for his cat, Snuckles

Is this the best story of the season? Yes. Yes, it is.

Amazon is trolling the Giants now

Well, that’s the last straw. I’m going to give them eight percent of my annual income instead of nine.

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Madison Bumgarner is hitting left-handed home runs like it's no big deal

Just once in a game. C'mon. Just once. For me.

Jae-gyun Hwang’s first hit was a homer, and the Korean call was outstanding

The Giants were looking for right-handed power. This will do.

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This video of rain soaking Dave Flemming and Jon Miller in the broadcast booth is strangely satisfying

My original headline of "Watch Dave Flemming and Jon Miller get punished by God for something they did" seemed a little much, but I think it's implied.

Johnny Cueto caught a big ol’ fish, and the Warriors won the NBA Finals

That’s it. That’s the post. I just wanted to point out that everyone had a pretty good day.

Buy the jersey Hunter Strickland wore when he fought Bryce Harper

The holidays are just six months away!

This man is an American hero

He missed a good game, but I respect his sacrifice

Ron Wotus totally listened to Blue Öyster Cult in high school, and here’s proof

The Giants’ bench coach, as you’ve never seen him before.

Madison Bumgarner is the first pitcher in history to have two Opening Day home runs

He’s the first Giants player to do it since Barry Bonds in 2002, too.

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Madison Bumgarner took Zack Greinke deep for the first homer of the 2017 Giants season

Not only that, but it might have been the hardest-hit home run from a pitcher in years.

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Barry Zito's album is charting

The pitcher-turned-singer-songwriter's first EP, the self-released No Secrets, marks his Billboard chart debut, new on the Americana/Folk Album Sales (No. 15), Heatseekers Albums (No. 18) and Count...
From Billboard Music. Good for him.
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The Giants' new first-base coach likes to draw

I want to play Pictionary with Jose Alguacil. Also, Bruce Bochy looks worried. Someone should check on him.

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Here's a picture of Buster Posey and eight puppies

This is either for a commercial shoot, or it's just a normal day at the Posey household. Probably the latter

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Happy Halloween, from Hunter Pence and Alexis Cozombolidis!

Does it get better? It gets better. Here's Hunter Pence showing off his dance moves, in character.

Conor Gillaspie made the best catch of the season

And Vin Scully was the one to call it, too. Amazing.

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Angel Pagan body slammed a fan who ran onto the field, and the crowd loved it

That is all.

Gordon Beckham imitating Jake Peavy is fantastic

The two were teammates on the White Sox, and Beckham had a little fun with Peavy four years ago.

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Dodgers unveil new Madison Bumgarner-mocking "Don't look at me" shirts

And you know what? Bumgarner just has to wear it. Not literally wear the shirt. But figuratively. Being a surly firebrand is fantastic until the other team is riding higher after one of your outbursts. Let them have their shirts and party like it's 1988. That's fine. I'm not even mad. In fact, I find this funny.

Watch this depressing Giants video from 1985

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper mentioned the 1985 season on Tuesday night, and it led to a video discovery.

It was 50 years ago today ...

Candlestick Park wasn't a very good stadium, but it did have the Beatles playing an energetic farewell. Also, Will Clark singling off Mitch Williams.

Hunter Pence just made the silliest catch of 2016

Hunter Pence fought gravity, and gravity should have won.

Barry Bonds photobombed Marlins Man and Ichiro

Here's a picture of Marlins Man in a Marlins blazer with sexy, graying Ichiro while a maniacal, rampaging, and possibly suffocating Barry Bonds photobombs them.

This qualifies as an Andrew McCutchen rumor, right?

Ugh, this is awkward, Pirates, but we'll make it up to you.

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Brandon Belt appreciates the important of #Splash69

Via KNBR, we have confirmation that, yes, even the Giants players were aware of the significance of #Splash69. We are all 11 years old. We are legion. (Bonus points were awarded to this video for Alex Pavlovic smirking in the background.)

Barry Bonds ruthlessly big-leagued Joc Pederson

While this probably has to do with Bonds being a jerk, I'm choosing to believe that he still hates the Dodgers that much.

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Here's Barry Bonds with his tiny dog, Magic

Spending the day before work with my buddy Magic.... Love this little guy ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Barry L Bonds (@blbonds25) on

My heart is filled with love. The best part is they probably fight crime together.

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Here is a picture of Tim Lincecum in an Angels uniform. Send it to someone you hate.


Obama recorded a birthday video for Willie Mays

Thanks, Obama!

Jared Goff wrote that Puig should get plunked

That's not okay! It is, however, very funny in retrospect.


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