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McCovey Chronicles Mailbag

McC mail: When should you take your kids to games?

I also give away the ending of Avengers 2 in here, so be careful.

McC Mailbag: Does anyone remember Jeff Kent?

Also included: an A-Rod trade suggestion! Buckle up.

Mailbag: Bonds, Peavy, Dio, more

Like a mailbag in the daaaarrrrk.

Cliff Lee, hating Shane Victorino, and more

Not literally hate Shane Victorino, but ... no, wait, yeah, it's a literal hate.

Mailbag: Yoan Moncada, making fun of Timmy, more

Should the Giants sign James Shields? What's up with Daniel Carbonell? On a scale of one to 10, how would I rate my sexual magnetism? The answers to some of these questions, and several more.

McCovey Chronicles mailbag: On six-man rotations

I am a Giants blogger with bad opinions and questionable ideas. AMA.

McCovey Chronicles mail: Winter Meetings edition

You have questions. Most of them have to do with third base. Dang it, Pablo.