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2014 Postseason

Michael Morse and my favorite home run

There have been a whole lot of wonderful Giants home runs, particularly in my lifetime. This one was my very favorite.

Naming the Home Run Trolls

The Giants trolled the world with another championship and trolled the teams in the postseason with some highly troll-y home runs.

Vote for the best Giants defensive play of 2014

Even though your mind is probably made up already.

The most iconic videos of the Giants' postseason

One video for each of the 12 wins.

Madison Bumgarner on the cover of this week's SI

Because he helped his team (San Francisco Giants) win the World Series.

Watch Madison Bumgarner on Jimmy Fallon

The show. Watch Madison Bumgarner on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon". He's holding a trophy.

The way it was before the Giants won the World Series

Before the Giants won three championships in five years, there was some question on if they would ever win one. Here are some results for "World Series" on McCovey Chronicles dot com before 2010.

The last out of the World Series at Finnerty's

Bonus coverage of the NO GREGOR NO JUAN NO NO NO that preceded it.

Pictures from the World Series parade

The 2014 World Series parade, that is. It gets *so* confusing.

The almost-famous error of Gregor Blanco

We don't need therapy, but we at least need a forum like this.

World Series parade route, time

It's at noon, and it will go down Market Street. Also, the Giants won the World Series.

The Double Play

Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford combined for one of the best defensive plays in Giants postseason history. Here's an appreciation.

Do not buy this, though

I guess it could be a way to exorcise some demons? I don't know, man ...

The Giants won the World Series. Buy these shirts!

I like these shirts. I like the Giants winning the World Series. I like everything right now!

25 pictures of the Giants winning the World Series

This is the third time in five years, you know.

Barry Bonds is cruising around San Francisco, handing out high-fives

No big deal.

Madison Bumgarner, World Series legend

Everyone was agog with Bumgarner's World Series performances before Game 7. Then he released the double album, and the critics went wild.

Giants win the World Series

Madison Bumgarner thrilled us all with one of the most legendary postseason performances we'll ever see, and the Giants held on for dear life to win their third World Series in five years.

The paradox of the Giants and Game 7

Something has to give

Juan Perez is in the lineup for Game 7

It's the headline we've all expected since the season began.

How is Bochy planning to use Madison Bumgarner?

When will the Giants' ace get in the game? What will his role be? Why are my fingers itching from the inside? Why is my vision blurry? Why did I wake up in a laundry cart at the nursing home down the street?

Giants, Jake Peavy force Game 7

I mean, technically it's true.

Solving Yordano Ventura's fastball

The Giants did okay against Ventura's triple-digit heater in Game 2, but they'll have to do better in Game 6.

Jake Peavy: World Series hero or goat?

Or someone we don't even think about after Tim Lincecum's eight scoreless innings in extras?

The Giants are a win away

And two losses away from losing it all. Let's freak out together.

City planning Game 6 broadcast at Civic Center

Come, find a mob of nervous lunatics with whom to share your nervous lunacy.

Madison Bumgarner is a legend, Giants one win away

The Giants are a win away from trolling the world.

Why the Giants aren't starting Michael Morse

And why it makes sense.

Giants explode for 11 runs, even World Series

The Giants guaranteed a return to Kansas City, defeating the Royals 11-4. Had it all the way.

Giants fall short in Game 3, down 2-1

The Giants lost just their third one-run game of the postseason in the Bruce Bochy Era, falling to the Royals, 3-2.

Tim Lincecum ready to go, Bochy could use him

The forgotten man of the bullpen might be a part of the regular reliever carousel.

How Jonathan Sanchez controls the world

Jeremy Guthrie is starting Game 3 of the 2014 World Series, just like he was supposed to.