Giants take local pitcher Moran in 41st round


I'm a little biased because I got to see this guy pitch a lot, but he is a very polished arm. Excited he's getting a chance. "On May 17th the Sonoma State Seawolves were one inning away from their second consecutive trip to the Division II College Baseball World Series. They wouldn't have been that close were it not for their undisputed ace, Gary Moran."

New Resources From Cot's Baseball Contracts


I linked to the 2009-2013 MLB payrolls resource. Payroll by Percentage and Spending by Positiion are also pretty cool. (H/t to Sky of Beyond the Boxscore)

Chris Dominguez vs. Kyle Mach: The Rematch


--I'm a Mizzou/KC Royals fan visiting from Royals Review. When I saw you drafted both Dominguez and Mach, it reminded me of the NCAA Regional when Dominguez pulled the most classless antics I've ever seen. Hopefully he's still not the toolbag that he was that year at Louisville. But I'd keep Mach away from him just in case. Oh...and Brock Bond too--I think he's in your minor league system as well. Here's the link from the 2007 Regional at MU. Columbia, MO: Dominguez Doubles Up Mizzou With Dinger Chris Dominguez just went deep with a Carlton Fisk-esque line drive. And rounding first, he spun around and had words with Tiger 1B John McKee, before engaging in some extra-cirricular words with the Mizzou catcher Trevor Coleman. The Tiger bench spilled out on to the field, and the Cardinals mobbed Dominguez. Both these benches have been warned, and bad blood has officially been stirred between these two teams. 4-2 Cards in the top of the 7th. Posted by Jay Dryburgh at 09:55 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) Columbia, MO: Hot Corner Someone should tell Cards 3B Chris Dominguez to shove a sock in his mouth. After taunting the 1B and the catcher while rounding the bases, he preceded to dance back out on to the field as he returned to his position, before completely turning to face the Mizzou dugout and exchange some words. The real question is... how is he still in this game? The umpires, and furthermore, the NCAA reps have really botched this decision. Dominguez should be taking a shower. But at least the crowd is riding him for it; after a foul out by Evan Frey, Dominguez was roundly taunted every time he touched the ball as it moved about the horn. Bottom of the 8th, U of L 4, Mizzou 2 Posted by Jay Dryburgh at 10:01 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

On Randy Johnson Approaching 300 Wins


The man on the street offers his insights.

Fangraphs: Second Look at Sandoval


Fangraphs takes a look at our resident Panda. Flooding their comments with "ginats brassss" is optional.

Sabremetrics, 1917 style


Awesome article for 1917... first use of linear weights in baseball?

Halos Heaven Discusses Thomas Gallo


I debated whether or not I wanted to post this, because of the likelihood that I would just spew uninformed rage. They're doing a better job of discussing it at Halos Heaven than I would have done, so I'll direct the link there rather than to the actual article I read. I only post because I think there are people who would like to know how the exceedingly tragic Nick Adenhart saga is progressing.

Is Scott Boras Evil?


Kevin Goldstein doesn't seem to think so.