The Giants have new, matte batting helmets


They're ... kind of freaking me out. It's like every helmet was tarred up by Marvin Benard.

Handeggs for all - Week 2


Pay no attention to the man trying to grope Carlos Hyde's grapes.

Kelby - Dodgers?


So glad he no longer plays for the Dodgers!

Giants Fett at StocktonCon


At StocktonCon this weekend, attendees enjoyed a chance to cosplay as their favorite pop culture icon, such as this San Francisco Giants - Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett crossover.

May the Posey be with you.

Image from imgur user Slamdere

Chris Heston Wearing His Matt Duffy Shirt


Chris Heston wearing his Matt Duffy and Skeeter shirt

Barry Bonds enjoyed the Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals


My favorite part? He put on the danged shirt. You know there are celebrities who would have thought they were too cool for that. And if you think Bonds looks surprisingly happy, please read my recent review of him here. He's always happy now.