KLaw at the Sunday Denver game


"No offense to Giants fans, but this team is just not good enough to deserve a playoff spot." I'd say this is true, but you know sometimes people get what they don't deserve ...

SJ Giants vs Visalia Rawhide Pics


Here's a link to some pictures I took while attending the SJ Giants & Visalia Rawhide game last Weds. it was a pretty boring game, but a couple of things I took away from the game where A) Bocock is very frustrated. Every time he got out at the plate he looked like he was going to punch someone. Possibly himself. 2) Conor Gallaspie makes very loud contact. The loudest from both teams by far. C) Rawhide is the worst knickname for a sports team I think I've ever seen.

Rockies pissed off the umps on Monday


Looks like the Rockies aren't gaining any friends behind the plate. I hope this somehow comes back to bite them in the ass.

Restoring the rosters: No. 15 - San Francisco


not a surprise. Very good pitching, horrible hitting.

Rockie Fans make me LOL


"Be sure to hang out with the fans at True Blue LA. It's a good crowd and a far better place to be than McCovey Chronicles." Right in the middle of their post in the link. Dodger fans are so fun to hang out with-NOT

Heres a SUPER random/short video that I found on my computer. I too feel the season is over, but I...


Heres a SUPER random/short video that I found on my computer. I too feel the season is over, but I thought Id upload this because it might cheer some people up, Not only to show that it can still happen, but also because the last seconds of the video might make you laugh.

Alternate ending in Colorado


I will now turn my back and you may all stone me.

AFL Rosters Announced


The AFL rosters have been announced and the Giants have 6 members included in the Scottsdale team. Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Thomas Neal, Joe Martinez, Daniel Runzler and Steve Edlefson. Not many huge suprises there but it's nice to see some good prospects going there & it'll be interesting to see how they do.

Latroy Hawkins?


all the teams listed here have better records than the Giants' so the Giants would get first crack. After last night's debacle, I can totally seeing the Giants giving up a way too good prospect to get this stiff.

Freddy to the DL?


"Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez will miss Monday's game against the Rockies due to a shoulder problem and could be headed to the disabled list, reports the Oakland Tribune. Sanchez has missed 10 of 23 games since joining the Giants and the whispers in San Francisco are that the second baseman may be a "soft" player, a tag that his former Pirates manager strongly disputes. "I can tell you he grinded his way through all kinds of aches and pains," current Rockies boss Jim Tracy told the Tribune."