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Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus has put together a list of his top 10 General Manager Candidates. Note that he did this last year, and because he decided not to include candidates from last year, a bunch of the more well-known names are absent (Kim Ng, etc).

OT: Gay Rugby Player


This is relevant to the fanpost about baseball and homosexuality. I would have posted this link there but the thread has kind of died down. It's interesting to see both the teammates and fans reactions to a pro athlete coming out.

Extra-huge version,...


Extra-huge version, here: Green = Non-Swings Red = Swings

Brian Sabean "the most difficult GM to trade with"


Responding to Henry Schulman's San Francisco Chronicle piece about the Giants' need for bullpen help, Olney identifies two roadblocks. According to general managers, the relief market is "very, very thin." On top of that, a group of GMs polled by Olney named Brian Sabean as the most difficult GM to trade with.

Where Are They Now: Jesse Foppert


What the Giants' highest ranked prospect EVAR has been up to. Also: Ainsworth, Williams, Foppert :(

ESPN: Pedroia has fractured foot


Looks like Jonathan continues to work his magic.

Top Prospect Bumgarner to Start Saturday


My guess at the thought process: Do the Giants need to trade for a fifth starter at the deadline, or is their in-house option the best way to go? No time like the present to find out....

Wait really?


I don't know if this was discussed in the GDT's, but WHY IS BUMGARNER?

If you were the GM of the Giants...


A discussion on Minorleagueball on what you would do, if you were in Brian Sabean's position.