History repeats itself, lesson not learned


An article from the 2006 San Diego Union Tribune. Just change a few names and it describes the 2010 San Francisco Giants

Blast From The Past


Mariners to DFA Notgardo. In other news... Notgardo's a Mariner?

OT: James Franco is a Giants fan


This is a skit with James Franco and Bill Hader(as William Dafoe) wishing Sam Raimi a happy birthday. The skit is mainly making fun of Dafoe and is kind of funny, but in the video you can see James Franco has a Giants hat in his dressing room. I searched online to see if this was old news and didnt find much, but saw a video of him at Gay Pride this past week wearing a Giants hat there too. So.. suck it Jonas Brother dodger fans... we've got James fucking Franco.

Bocock Returns!


He was batting .179/.239/.231 in 65 games at Triple-A.

Bauman calls for Fielder


I'm sick of hearing this. Sabean wouldn't do it and there is no way we can get him for anyone other than Cain. Cain should be untouchable

Zumaya's elbow explodes. :(


Poor guy. Hopefully he will be able to come back from this. For how hard some of these guys throw, this is just a reminder of how unnatural throwing a baseball can be for a human arm.

Happy B-Day, Ryan Cavan! POTW and 2 HR


Well, if you're going to have a birthday, this is the way to do it. Get the Player of the Week Award after hitting home runs on back-to-back nights (from different sides of the plate), and then go ahead and hit two more. Congrats to the Belmont native! Also, take note that he's done this in Kannapolis, which has a 0.91 HR Factor in the most recent three-year factor numbers I could find. I.E., it's somewhat of a pitcher's park for home runs.