"FL" vs. Sabean - Is He The Mystery KNBR Caller?


Here is a back-to-back MP3 analysis of Sabean and FL on the phone.. If you haven’t heard, someone named "F.L." called in to KNBR on Thursday. There was a lot of grumblings that it sounded a lot like our favorite General Manager — Brian Sabean..

Juicing in the Caribbean - Steroid Scandal Envelops 2010 Amateur Prospects


Money quote: This year, however, MLB informed 40 of the top Dominican prospects in mid-May that they had to come in to the league's office in Santo Domingo and consent to a drug test as part of its inaugural registration program. ... Nobody outside of the commissioner’s office seems to know the exact number of players who tested positive for steroids, but word around Latin American circles is that somewhere around half of the 40 Dominicans who registered with MLB failed their drug tests. This is a hugely underpublicized story in my book. Obviously something that is this widespread can't have just sprung up this year. That means that at least some past bonus babies had to be involved in this. Hopefully none of the Giants past signees were involved, but could something like this be a factor in RafRod's of power development?

Boof returning to the Bay!


Is our long wait finally over! Of course if you want to see him pitch, you'll have to travel to the east side of the Bay, and you'll have to wait until Beane promotes him to the big leagues.

In Pictures: Baseball's Most Overpaid Players

6 recently put out a list of baseball's most overpaid players, and hey, guess what! "Center Field Aaron Rowand San Francisco Giants Salary: $13.6 million Expected VORP: 15.5 Actual VORP: -4.3 Always strong defensively, Rowand just isn't hitting enough this year (.219, six homers) to justify his All-Star contract. Best value: Marlon Byrd." Also, for those interested, here's the full text sotry as well.

Highest Ceilings In The Rangers System: Michael Main


Here's what $2M gets a team in prospects these days. I still can't believe the trade happened. It's a Christmas miracle!

Skullman: Oh, the Huge Molinatee


Bengie Molina: great catcher, or greatest catcher? Only the BBWAA knows for sure!

Sabean doesn't like Olney's article


Not really shocking. Anyway, keep trading unproductive veterans for good pitching prospects, Sabes.

Belt Promoted according to Ben Badler


It's about time.

Ideas to Help the Giants


Barry Tompkins makes light of the Giants recent struggles by proposing a few solutions...

Michael Main is the PTBNL?


If so, that is quite a haul for the Giants. His value has fallen a bit, but he's a pretty nice piece and frankly, he'd be a top 10 prospect for us. Well done Sabes and co.