Madison Bumgarner is hitting left-handed home runs like it's no big deal


Just once in a game. C'mon. Just once. For me.

This video of rain soaking Dave Flemming and Jon Miller in the broadcast booth is strangely satisfying


My original headline of "Watch Dave Flemming and Jon Miller get punished by God for something they did" seemed a little much, but I think it's implied.

Come watch me (and, fine, Bobby Evans) talk about baseball!


It's draft night, and the GM of the Giants will be there to answer questions and talk for a bit. Come have a pint or six and listen to us.

First ever baseball game seen live


Attending my first ever baseball game. Indians AAA team vs Pirates AAA. if you have any players to look out for let me know.

Jen Mac Ramos on Fangraphs


Our very own Jen Mac Ramos, assistant GM of the Sonoma Stompers, writing about the Trailblazers, a girls baseball tourney, on Fangraphs.

Well That Was Mighty Condescending


He made the assertion that Hosmer has been more valuable than Belt in his Offseason Grades article

Barry Zito's album is charting


The pitcher-turned-singer-songwriter's first EP, the self-released No Secrets, marks his Billboard chart debut, new on the Americana/Folk Album Sales (No. 15), Heatseekers Albums (No. 18) and Country Album Sales (No. 39) charts dated Feb. 18, with 1,000 first-week copies sold, according to Nielsen Music.

From Billboard Music. Good for him.