Uribe a Dodger


Wow, we just lost Uribe. How's he going to feel when he's handed his ring on Opening Day wearing a Dodger uniform? More importantly, how are WE going to feel? I will cheer him in the pre game introductions, and then the fat bastard can go screw himself!

Giants want the great Derek Jeter to teach them how to win!!


since this is a load of bullcrap, let me just add an RIP for the great Leslie Nielson. Since most of you McCovey guys are not old farts like me, you may not know that part of the thing that made his role in "Airplane" so funny was that up until then he had been always been a serious actor. Then again, most of the actors in that movie could say the same thing, such as Lloyd Bridges, Robert Stack, and William Shatner. And if you're wondering why I am talking about Leslie Nielson in a fan shot about Derek Jeter, it's because I have decided to rxmeister myself.

Dodgers eyeing Uribe for infield help


Ken Gurnick / Continuing their aggressive offseason renovation, the Dodgers now are targeting free-agent infielder Juan Uribe... He most likely would become the starting second baseman and trigger the non-tendering of Ryan Theriot... Ken Rosenthal: For the Dodgers, he would make sense in a number of ways: * He could play third base, enabling the team to use Casey Blake as part of a left-field platoon. * He could play shortstop on days when the oft-injured Rafael Furcal is unavailable. * He could play second ahead of Ryan Theriot, whose .633 OPS last season was the third lowest in the NL. This is like if Boston was pursuing Jeter. It's getting ugly folks.

Mychael Urban: Sorting Out the Giants' Uribe Situation


"...they’re fairly certain other teams won’t value him quite as highly, and that they don’t value him as highly as Giants fans enamored by the jazz-hands homers, clutch at-bats and infectious personality Take a look at Uribe’s splits. That’s what other teams are going to do, and they’re going to reach the same conclusion they reached last offseason: Uribe is a pretty good player, but not worthy of the big-money, multi-year deal he seeks. With the exception of a September power surge, which underscores his local and deserved reputation as a clutch hitter, Uribe’s numbers -- his OPS, in particular -- dipped every month. That’s what clubs, including the Giants, are going to lean on at the bargaining table... In other words, Uribe isn’t going to get Aubrey Huff money from anyone. Perhaps the Giants are hoping he’ll soon realize that, accept arbitration and take the raise (from $3.5 million to, say, $5 million) that he earned in 2010."

Dodgers Sign Jon Garland


The 31-year-old will be the fifth starter in a Dodgers rotation that already includes Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly and Hiroki Kuroda. A better offense than last seasons would be a formidable opponent. A healthy Ethier, Kemp on Ritalin, etc... Are we to be concerned?

Twins Win Bidding For Nishioka


With a crowded middle infield in Minnesota, how does this affect the SS market? JJ Hardy or O-Dawg?

Beau Mills can finally be ours


This guy has put together a list of all Rule 5 eligible players.

KNBR Clincher Re-broadcast!


This has been mentioned several times already, but in case anyone has missed it... KNBR 680 will be re-broadcasting all four clinchers starting at 7am tomorrow morning and ending at 8pm tomorrow night. Good time to make recordings!

"I'm sitting here, and I just got to this team, and already I might be leaving," he said. "That was...

"I'm sitting here, and I just got to this team, and already I might be leaving," he said. "That was kind of the one part that was a little nerve-wracking, just changing location. I'd be going from living semi-close to home to living above Chicago in Toronto. It would be totally different."

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad we don't live in that cold, alternate dimension. Other than the World Series championship, what are you thankful for? I, for one, am thankful for the World Series championship.

My new favorite ballplayer: Josiah Viera


This guy may be undersized and lacking the classic tools, but if his intangibles don't impress you, you might not be human. (They just aired this on ESPN and I'll admit to crying my eyes out.) Happy Thanksgiving everyone.