On Monday, experienced shortstop Nick Ahmed secured a spot with the San Francisco Giants


On Monday, experienced shortstop Nick Ahmed secured a spot with the San Francisco Giants, signing a minor league contract that also includes an invitation to spring training. With a career spanning a decade in the major leagues, Ahmed previously dedicated his professional journey to the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2014 to 2023, where he was honored with two Gold Glove awards for his exceptional performance.

Euro Cup Schedule

Another loss in the 9th inning


Well, Strickland gave up another homer in the ninth. Wait, that was the Mariners game, still felt the same. This will be a long season for the Giants. BTW, didn't Belt hit something like .400 during spring training.

Old Baseball Broadcasts


Ever wanted to listen to early baseball radio broadcasts? Now you can. Enjoy the Giants and Yankees facing off in the world series in 1936, and many more. Hat tip to Fangraphs for pointing me to this:

Cueto Inception!!!!


On his original Instagram post, Johnny said "if you guys like these you may be real happy soon." GIVE US ALL JOHNNY CUETO WEARING A JOHNNY CUETO CAP CAPS.

Beatles Day at the Ballpark!


Does this mean Belt is officially the Ringo? Also, how is it that Craw even makes that haircut look good?

Here's what Joe Torre said to Brandon Belt on the phone the other day.


As you know, Brandon Belt complained to the press about balls and strikes. That's not something MLB wants players doing, because it undermines the sanctity of umpiredom. It's rare when we're privy to the particulars of a private conversation between the league and one of the players, but as always, when it involves Brandon Belt, convention flies right out the window. Truly remarkable audio here.

Brandon Belt is on Pace to Guest Star on Law & Order by 2020


Brandon Belt's dramatic acting skills get better by the year. Is a guest appearance on a long-running crime procedural in his future? It should be.

Evan Longoria's 1,500th career hit is a double!


Longoria's 1,500th hit is an RBI doubleGiants lead 4-1— SF Giants on NBCS (@NBCSGiants) May 5, 2018


Farewell, Duffcat


Skeeter has gone to the Great Litterbox In The Sky.