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Community Projections

Projecting Tim Hudson's 2014 season

It should be good, unless it isn't.

Projecting Brandon Crawford's 2014

How will the hairy, glovey cult hero do this season?

Projecting Tim Lincecum's 2014 season

Better than 2012, but without the happy ending?

Projecting Tim Lincecum

How will Tim Lincecum do for the 2013 Giants? Well, this should be easy.

Community projection: Ryan Vogelsong

Community projection: Pablo Sandoval

How will Pablo Sandoval do in 2013? We have the teacher's edition, so you can crib off us.

Community projection: Madison Bumgarner

How will Madison Bumgarner do this year? Will he finally allow a run in the World Series? We investigate.

Community projection: Sergio Romo

How will Sergio Romo do this year? Will I have to make another obscenely large GIF in his honor? Let's investigate.

Community projection: Angel Pagan

How will Angel Pagan do for the 2013 San Francisco Giants?

Community projection: Marco Scutaro

How will Marco Scutaro do in 2013? As long as he doesn't travel back in time and kill his own grandpa, he'll probably get a lot of leeway.

Community projection: Brandon Belt

How will Brandon Belt do this year?

Community projection: Barry Zito

Which Barry Zito will we see in 2013? Probably the same one we've seen for the last six (!) years.

Community projection: Brandon Crawford

Will Brandon Crawford challenge the Giants' single-season record for homers by a shortstop (37)? We'll just have to wait and see.

Community Projection: Andres Torres

Andres Torres is already recovering from an oblique strain. Seems like a perfect time to make a projection for him.

Community Projection: Hunter Pence

How will Hunter Pence do for the 2013 San Francisco Giants?