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Community Projections

Is Matt Moore a known quantity, or does he still have ace potential?

Matt Moore used to be one of the most coveted pitchers in baseball. How will he pitch for the Giants in 2017?

Hunter Pence is the wide-eyed hope of the 2017 Giants

If the Giants want to have more than just a competent offense, they’ll need Hunter Pence.

Get your Jae-gyun Hwang predictions in now

It’s early, and we don’t even know if he’s going to make the team. That means it’s the best possible time for dumb projections.

Eduardo Nuñez being an All-Star again would be cool

Even if he isn’t, though, he can still help. Let’s predict his 2017 season.

Joe Panik is going to be healthy and excellent

The headline lacks subtlety, but it gets the point across.

Reminder: Jeff Samardzija led MLB in earned runs

If you're going to predict how Jeff Samardzija will pitch in 2016, maybe start there and work backward.

Project Matt Duffy's 2016 season

It's time to project the Giants' second-year third baseman, who was one of the best stories on the team last year.

Johnny Cueto is excellent and terrifying

Let's put our heads together and project the 2016 season for Johnny Cueto.

Project Brandon Belt's 2016 season

Is this the year that Brandon Belt quiets his loudest critics? Or do we have to remain smug and secure in the knowledge that he's already a quality, productive baseball player?

Jake Peavy is pretty okay, you weirdos

It's time to project how Jake Peavy will do. Before you start, remember that he's been mostly excellent for the Giants since coming over from the Red Sox.

Matt Cain is the Giants' biggest mystery of 2016

How will the former All-Star come back from his worst season yet? The head says one thing, but the heart says another.

Denard Span is gonna hit a million triples

And other reasonable projections for the Giants' new center fielder.

Projecting Hunter Pence's 2016 season

The Giants were one of the league's better offensive teams last year, even though one of their best hitters wasn't around much. How will Hunter Pence do this season?

Projecting Angel Pagan's 2016 season

Our job today is to predict how Angel Pagan will do next year. The odds aren't in his favor.

Projecting Brandon Belt's 2015 season

After a season marred by freak injuries, how will Brandon Belt do in 2015?

Projecting Jake Peavy's 2015 season

How will our favorite G-rated cusser do for the 2015 Giants? Last season should give us a pretty good idea.

Projecting Brandon Crawford's 2015 season

More of the same, or can Brandon Crawford turn into an All-Star?

Is it time to worry about Madison Bumgarner?

Probably not. It is time to project his 2015 season, though.

Projecting Norichika Aoki's 2015 season

The biggest acquisition of the offseason just needs to keep on keepin' on.

Projecting Casey McGehee's 2015 season

The Soquel native is back in the United States after a year in Florida.

How will Joe Panik do for the Giants in 2015?

The sweet-swinging left-hander was the unquestioned starter all offseason, just a few months after being behind Dan Uggla on the depth chart. What will his 2015 look like?

Projecting Angel Pagan's 2015 season

For the second straight year, Angel Pagan missed a huge chunk of time. Will it happen a third time?

Projecting Tim Lincecum's 2015 season

The former Cy Young winner and postseason hero is still in the rotation somehow. How will he do?

Projecting Tim Hudson's 2015 season

Ankles and sinkers and hips, oh, my.

Projecting Matt Cain's 2014 season

Will he rebound after his first poor season? Of course he will.

Projecting Pence

He is a treasure. Hopefully he can baseball well, too.

Projecting Angel Pagan's 2014 season

How will Crazy Horse do this season? Also, should call him Crazy Horse more.

Projecting Buster Posey

How will Buster Posey do this year? This fanboy dial goes to 11.

Projecting Marco Scutaro's 2014 season

He should be good if he's healthy. He probably isn't healthy.

Projecting Bumgarner's 2014

I don't want to write a recap of a game I didn't watch, so here's a projection for Madison K. Bumgarner.

Projecting Brandon Belt's 2014 season

How will Brandon Belt do this season? Danged good, if you ask this unbiased observer.

Projecting Michael Morse's 2014 season

"fastball fastball fastball fastball SLIDER noooooo they tricked me again"