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Community Projections

Community Projection: Half a season?

Let us assume that baseball is played this year. Could the Giants be a contender?

Community Projection: Jeff Samardzija

Community Projection: Brandon Crawford

Where do we go from here?

Community Projection: Drew Smyly

Hmm. That’s more of a grin.

Does Buster Posey have one more great season in him?

And will he finish 2020 in a Giants uniform?

Community Projection: Johnny Cueto

It’s time to prognosticate so that you can showoff to your friends later this year.

Community projection: Farhan Zaidi

Derek Holland: Starter, reliever, or trade bait?

Holland’s role with the team seemed pretty clear a few weeks ago. But with the statements and moves being made by the organization this week, that may not be the case anymore.

Dereck Rodríguez will try and prove that ERA still matters

A year removed from a rookie season that featured a dramatic gap between his ERA and xFIP, Rodríguez will seek to prove that he’s the real deal.

Do the Rule 5 draftees have what it takes?

Our sources say "Maybe?", but this is about how we feel.

Tony Watson will be reliably good, because that’s his deal

But the only thing that’s elementary about our Dear Watson is this unnecessary Sherlock Holmes reference.

Will Smith will have a great year on another team

There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to Will Smith’s 2019, not the least of which is what he’ll bring back in a trade.

Brandon Belt will likely have a bounce-back season

Belt’s last two seasons have been mired by injury, but there’s no reason to believe he can’t turn it around in 2019.

Evan Longoria will have a 20 homer season

The rest of his year might not be pretty, but he’ll perform a feat no Giant has done since Brandon Crawford did it in 2015.

Pablo Sandoval might play a little, for better and for worse

Even with Farhan Zaidi running the ship, a sentimental favorite may see some plate appearances

Joe Panik is our litmus test

How you feel about his 2019 season will tell everyone a lot about how you think the Giants’ season overall will go.

Brandon Crawford is still chock full of doubles and defensive highlights

He’ll be one of the most watchable Giants in more ways than one.

Buster Posey is still the best

He’s coming off his worst full season, but his worst is better than a lot of player’s best.

Madison Bumgarner will be the measuring stick for the Giants

After two challenging years for the ace, Bumgarner’s performance - and the team’s decision of whether or not to trade him - will define the season.

Projecting the 2019 roster

It’s our first community projection of the offseason. Who will be on the Opening Day roster?

Projecting the rest of the 2018 Giants

Which projections did I not get to because I was lazy and handed a stack of papers to Bryan and said, "Here!" before jumping out of an open window? These ones.

Evan Longoria can still be good, even if the Giants’ history with third basemen suggests otherwise

On a scale of "Telenovela" to "Desperate Housewives", which version of Longoria will the Giants get this season?

Buster Posey is still great, everyone

Getting older. Not a perennial MVP candidate. But, boy howdy, is it good that he’s here.

Joe Panik is the only young player in the Giants’ lineup, so let’s see if he improves

Everyone else in the starting lineup is a known quantity. It’s harder to project Panik.

Johnny Cueto, shimmying wonder, is crucial to the Giants’ plans

The Giants decided not to rebuild in part because they’re expecting the top of the rotation to contribute more. Cueto is a huge part of that.

The Belt Wars are still raging. Which side are you on, comrade?

Or, how do you think the Giants’ first baseman will do in 2018?

Steven Duggar just might be the starting center fielder, you know

It would take a hot spring, but that’s what we’re getting so far

Finishing up the 2017 Giants projections

We finish the community projections with Denard Span, Brandon Crawford, Madison Bumgarner, and Johnny Cueto. How will they do in 2017?

Jarrett Parker is both promising and dangerous

The Giants have a lot of faith in Parker. What will he do in 2017?

Brandon Belt is already very good, people

No one brings out the weirdos like Brandon Belt. No one.

Matt Cain will probably be the fifth starter

So let’s predict how he’ll do in 2017.

Buster Posey doesn’t have to be in decline, you know

His 2016 numbers were merely good instead of excellent, and he’s about to turn 30. Both are concerns that have been overstated.


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