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Community Projection Reviews

Farhan Zaidi accomplished every goal he had for the 2019 team

A look back at what we expected him to do.

Projecting Brandon Belt's 2015 season

After a season marred by freak injuries, how will Brandon Belt do in 2015?

Projecting Brandon Crawford's 2015 season

More of the same, or can Brandon Crawford turn into an All-Star?

Is it time to worry about Madison Bumgarner?

Probably not. It is time to project his 2015 season, though.

Projecting Tim Lincecum's 2015 season

The former Cy Young winner and postseason hero is still in the rotation somehow. How will he do?

Projecting Tim Hudson's 2015 season

Ankles and sinkers and hips, oh, my.

Reviewing Brandon Crawford's 2013 season

How did Brandon Crawford do last year? Let's take a look.

One last look at Barry Zito's 2013 season

It wasn't good!

Reviewing Marco Scutaro's 2013 season

It was good. And just a little worrisome, which is better than a lot worrisome.

Reviewing the (half-) season of Angel Pagan

We didn't get to see as much Angel Pagan as hoped. That was a problem.

Reviewing Romo's 2013

How did Sergio Romo do? What was he supposed to do? Was 2013 all his fault. Someone needs to step up and take the blame, here.

Reviewing Madison Bumgarner's 2013 season

What was Bumgarner supposed to do? What did he do?

Reviewing Pablo Sandoval's 2013 season

What did the Panda do? What did we expect him to do? Also, there's a GIF of a sloth.

Looking back at Ryan Vogelsong's season

How did Ryan Vogelsong do in 2013? Let's take a look! (NSFW)

Community-projection review: Tim Lincecum

How did Tim Lincecum do? Better! Still not that good.

Community-projection review: Madison Bumgarner

How did the young lefty do last year? He won the World Series, stupid.

Community-projection review: Melky Cabrera

He was that guy from last season. Remember?

Community-projection review: Barry Zito

Zito was Zito was Zito. That is, until he was vintage David Wells.

Community-projection review: Tim Lincecum

In which we revisit the predictions we were stupid enough to make before 2012.

Community-projection review: Brandon Belt

What was Brandon Belt supposed to do? What did he do? Besides help the Giants win a championship.

Community-projection reviews: Angel Pagan

What did Angel Pagan do in the 2012 season? What was he supposed to do?

Community-projection review: Ryan Vogelsong

How did Vogelsong do? What was he supposed to do? Oh. Cool.

Community-projection review: Buster Posey

In which we projected modest things for our hero, and we were punished by the best season of our lifetime.


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