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J.D. Davis wins arbitration case

He’ll make $6.9 million in 2024. Nice.

Close up of J.D. Davis holding his glove. Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Third baseman J.D. Davis has won his arbitration case against the San Francisco Giants, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reported. After the two sides had failed to come to an agreement for his contract in 2024, Davis had filed for $6.9 million, while the Giants had countered at $6.55 million. The arbiters sided with the player, and Davis will take home an additional $350,000 this coming season.

Davis was the only Giant to go to arbitration this year, as the five other arbitration-eligible players — LaMonte Wade Jr., Thairo Estrada, Mike Yastrzemski, Austin Slater, and Tyler Rogers — all agreed to terms with the Giants. If memory serves me correctly, Davis is only the second Giant in the Farhan Zaidi era to go to arbitration, joining Donovan Solano in 2021, though Solano lost that battle.

$350,000 is a trivial amount of money for a corporation the size of the Giants to quibble over, but it is standard fare in today’s game. The owners and the commissioner have made a point of asking teams to stand firm in arbitration negotiations, presumably in hopes of curbing the growing salaries.

Still, even with Davis winning his case, it’s a quality contract for a player of his stature. Davis will be worth that money should the Giants choose to pay it, and, if they don’t, he’ll be easily tradable at that figure.

It’s not entirely clear where Davis stands in the Giants plans. They’ve openly been pursuing third baseman Matt Chapman, which might make Davis a trade candidate ... or it might make him a backup corner infielder, or even a near-full time designated hitter. Only time will tell.

For now ... congrats on winning, J.D.! I’d rather see that $350,000 in your pocket than in the Giants bank ... or political donations.