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Weekend BP: FanFest highlights

Are we having fun yet?

Kyle Harrison sitting in the dugout. Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy weekend, San Francisco Giants fans.

A new season is right around the corner. Really, it’s right around the corner. Go look! This is the last weekend that Giants pitchers and catchers aren’t mandatorily in Scottsdale, Arizona, though most of them are probably there voluntarily.

Before embarking on Spring Training, the Giants once again embarked on FanFest, as a great opportunity to get their fans together with some members of the team to celebrate the Giants. The team has wisely moved away from the old model of making fans come to them for FanFest, and now they bring the show to the fans. This year’s traveling circus of festivities went to Sacramento, San Jose, and Napa, with appearances from veterans like Logan Webb, Michael Conforto, Austin Slater, and Thairo Estrada, exciting youngsters like Patrick Bailey and Kyle Harrison, manager Bob Melvin, and the returning and beloved Dusty Baker.

We have to wait a few weeks before we get highlights from Giants games, but the team kindly put together a highlight package from FanFest. It’s worth a watch!

Oh yeah. I’m ready for baseaball. I’m very, very ready for baseball. Except the kind that has Dodgers in it. Very ready for the other kind of baseball.

Speaking of which...

How many days until Giants baseball?

If you’re reading this on Saturday, then pitchers and catchers report in just five days, the first preseason game is in exactly two weeks, and Opening Day is a mere 47 days away. If you’re reading this on Sunday, well ... do the math, it ain’t that hard.