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Wednesday BP: Giants news updates

From Ross Stripling’s pitches to Austin Slater’s opinions of San Francisco.

Ross Stripling standing on the mound, holding a ball in his glove. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, San Francisco Giants fans.

Things have been quiet around the Giants lately, as the team gears up for the start of Spring Training, and the front office likely/hopefully tries to figure out a few more upgrades to make in the coming weeks.

But there are a few minor updates surrounding the team, so here’s the latest to get you filled in. I’m running with videos here, because it’s Wednesday. You deserve to turn your brain and eyes off a little bit and just watch some content.

So here’s outfielder Austin Slater, pooh-poohing the offseason discourse and professing his love for the gorgeous and fantastic city of San Francisco.

And here’s new hitting coach Pat Burrell talking about new center fielder Jung Hoo Lee, and how the 25 year old might be able to adapt from the KBO to MLB.

You want some Kyle Harrison content? Have some Kyle Harrison content. The young ace-in-training has been putting in the offseason work and we’re all so very excited to see how it plays out.

Want more? Okay, fine.

Speaking of Giants pitchers, many have forgotten about Ross Stripling after his tough 2023. But let’s not forget that the former All-Star had a 3.01 ERA and 3.11 FIP in 2022. We shouldn’t discount the chances of him bouncing back and being a quality starter, especially if he has a new pitch. So here’s him describing that new pitch, a slider variant called the “Deathball.”

Speaking of players not to discount, don’t let a career defined by injuries make you forget that Hunter Bishop was a first-round pick for a reason! His story has yet to be written.

And speaking of Hunters, the man, the myth, the legend himself, mister Hunter Pence, was at Levi’s on Sunday, reacting to the San Francisco 49ers in the exact same way that you likely did in your living room.

Bless that man forever.

How long until Giants baseball???

Pitchers and catchers report in just 15 days! The first Spring Training game is in just 24 days! Opening Day is in just 57 days!