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Wednesday/Thursday BP: If nothing else, Logan Webb is awesome

But you already knew that.

Keaton Winn hugging Logan Webb from behind. Photo by Suzanna Mitchell/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, San Francisco Giants fans.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Yoshinobu Yamamoto broke your heart by not only rejecting the Giants, but then signing with the one team you really, really didn’t want to see him sign with. And in the days since then, the Giants have ... well ... done nothing.

Nothing at all.

So we’re just sitting around here waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And waiting.

The bad news is the thing I just mentioned: they ain’t done [bleep!]. The good news is that no one else has done much of anything, either.

Which means nearly all the moves that were available when Yamamoto signed are still available. Blake Snell is still a free agent. Matt Chapman is still a free agent. Shōta Imanaga is still a free agent. Cody Bellinger is still a free agent. Jordan Montgomery is still a free agent. Rhys Hoskins is still a free agent. Corbin Burnes and Pete Alonso and Christian Yelich and Randy Arozarena and Mike Trout have not been traded.

So don’t give up hope, Giants fans. But if you have a long enough stick to reach out your window, travel across some land, and sneak into Farhan Zaidi’s, maybe poke him and make sure he’s alive, will ya?

The absence of moves gives us time to talk about one of the best subjects in modern human history: Logan Webb. Even though 2023 was a pretty rough season for the Giants and their fans, it’s hard to imagine a player doing more to endear himself to the fanbase than Webb did ... and he was already loved entering the season!

He had a star season, cementing his status as not just an ace but also a workhorse, and finished second in Cy Young voting. He grew into a spectacular leader. He publicly pshawed the idea of caring about individual awards instead of just winning. He signed an extension to stick with the Giants through the 2028 season. He took to social media to publicly defend the city of San Francisco amid a truly silly national narrative.

He is, quite frankly, a dude. The Dude.

Perfect timing then, since the Giants just made a good old fashioned mixtape of his best starts from 2023.

If you like that, then you’ll probably also like this recent video from the Giants team: every 2023 save from Camilo Doval, who also stole the heart of every Giants fan this year.

And hey, as long as we’re enjoying great pitching from the Giants, how about this video of the best strikeout from all of their pitchers?

I miss Giants baseball. I am very excited for them to reconvene in Arizona in about six weeks.

I hope they have a few new players by the time that rolls around.