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Monday BP: Former Giants, moving on

Alex Wood and Tyler Beede have found homes for 2024.

Alex Wood sticking out his tongue as he tosses a baseball. Photo by Suzanna Mitchell/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans. With the San Francisco 49ers epic win last night, we’ve all been given the gift of having Bay Area sports remain exciting and relevant right up until Spring Training. Even if the Golden State Warriors keep losing, your mind will be with the Niners until the Super Bowl on February 11 ... and after that hopefully ends in champagne and reckless fiscal decisions with merchandise, you’ll only need to wait four more days until pitchers and catchers report.

And when pitchers and catchers do report, former Giants Alex Wood and Tyler Beede will not be present. You already knew that was the case, but now you know it for sure, because those pitchers have new teams.

Wood, who entered free agency after three straight seasons with the Giants, is moving to ... uhh ... umm ... well no one really knows. I’d usually say “across the bay” here, as he’s signed a deal with the Athletics, but that might mean he plays in Oakland, or it might mean he plays in San Francisco, or maybe in Sacramento, or perhaps in Las Vegas.

Who knows! But Wood, who was not very happy with losing the opportunity to be a starter with the Giants, is headed to the Athletics where he will presumably get to reprise that role, likely with hopes (for both team and player) of being good enough to headline a trade at the deadline.

Beede, on the other hand, has signed a Minor League deal with the Cleveland Guardians. It’s been a while since Beede played for the Giants ... the San Francisco Giants, at least. After spending the 2022 season with the Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates, the former San Francisco first-round pick spent the 2023 season with the Yomiuri Giants in Japan. I’ll certainly be pulling for him to earn a spot on the Guardians Major League roster.

There are still other former Giants waiting to be signed, though they’re starting to get swooped up following the recent news of Joc Pederson signing with the Arizona Diamondbacks and John Brebbia joining the Chicago White Sox.

How many days until Opening Day?

Only 59!!!